Best Windows to Light Up Your Attic

August 16, 2022



Best Windows To Light Up Your Attic - Clera Windows + Doors

Traditionally, the attic is not exactly considered the brightest part of the house. This is because it’s often used as a storage area for old books, forgotten children’s toys, and other cherished knick-knacks. 

Additionally, it doesn’t help that most attics tend to have small windows. Having small attic windows doesn’t just raise its “scare factor”; it also makes the area badly ventilated and uncomfortable. 

Whether you want to upgrade your attic windows for a better ambience or because you’re renovating your attic into a bedroom or home office, here is a list of the best attic windows to let the sunshine in! Who knows—the attic might even become your new favourite spot in the house.  

The Best Windows For Attics:

Top Attic Windows to Brighten Up the Highest Point Of Your Home

Dormer Windows

A dormer window is a type of attic window that protrudes from a sloping roof design. They are commonly fitted with vertical panes that accommodate copious amounts of natural lighting and good ventilation, as needed. 

Moreover being good choices in terms of fresh air and sunlight, dormer windows give you access to more headroom and usable space while adding an aesthetically stunning element to the highest peak of your home.

Top Attic Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Top-Hinged Windows

Sometimes, your attic lacks lighting and ventilation because the windows are too hard to open. Luckily, top-hinged windows solve that problem by being easily accessible. 

Top-hinged windows are engineered to be within arm's length, so they can be opened and closed manually. If you decide to revamp your attic with these easy going attic windows, you will surely enjoy basking in the glory of natural lighting and fresh air. 

In the event that an emergency arises that prevents you from accessing the front door, top-hinged windows can serve as an escape route.

Rose Windows

Rose windows may be more commonly seen in the medieval or gothic architecture of churches and cathedrals, but they can also make your modern home attic look elegantly beautiful. 

A rose window is a circular roof window that is also known as a “Catherine window.” These extravagant windows are adorned with mesmerizing stained glass and intricate geometric designs that radiate outwards from the centre like a mandala. 

Top Attic Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Casement Windows

Casement windows are understated in the sleekest and most stylish sense of the word. 

They have the power to really transform a dim attic into a dazzling living space. Moreover their aesthetics, casement windows are easy to open and close, giving you the benefit of letting the breeze in during those hot summer days. The wide and angled window structure catches and draws the air inside for a refreshing environment.  


Without a doubt, skylights are one of the most popular type of attic windows. This is due to the fact that they let a significant amount of natural light shine through. Skylights are also ideal for more equal disbursement of light throughout your attic space. 

Skylights Attic Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Additionally, these types of attic windows promote warmth via the funnelling of solar radiation. To take a deeper dive, here are the two types of skylight attic windows

  • Shaft 

Shaft skylights are made with a corridor that spans from the roof line to the ceiling. These types of skylights are typically used for ceilings that are more than one-third of a metre away from the roof line. 

  • Cathedral 

On the other hand, cathedral windows are usually installed directly with the roof line. This way, you won't have a need for a shaft.

Upgrade Your Old Attic Windows with Clera

Frame your household in charming windows that bring out the heart and soul of your home. The attic is usually the most underutilized part of your house, so it's high time that it gets a well-deserved makeover. 

No matter what type of window style suits your personal preference, you are bound to find your ideal fit in our comprehensive collection of designs. From bay and bow, to casement, all the way to awning, sliding, and fixed, we’re ready to take on your attic conversion every step of the way!

Make your attic bright, beautiful, and well-ventilated with the wide array of attic window options available at Clera Windows + Doors, Ontario’s most awarded window company

Reach out to our team to get a quote today! 

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