DIY: Crafts You Can Make Using Old Windows

March 13, 2017



Crafts You Can Make Using Old Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

If your old windows have been serving you for more than 15 years, you should consider getting energy efficient window replacements. But this does not necessarily mean that those drafty windows that have been sticking in their frames and increasing your energy bills have no useful applications once they come down.

As a DIY lover, there are countless ways for you to repurpose old windows as you enjoy the energy efficiency of your replacement window. Whether your old windows have glass or not, here are a few craft ideas to make your home more beautiful:

  1. Space divider
    You can divide your front porch, dining area, or other space into compartments by hanging the frames using hooks or linking a series of windows together using chains. Glass windows can create a perfect wall without creating dark zones, as the glass maximizes the reach of natural light as well as any artificial sources of lighting.
  2. Family photo display
    You can repurpose an old wooden frame into a large-sized photo frame for you to display your favourite collection of photos to tell a story. You can, for instance, create a photo display of your wedding, a family outing, or some other memorable event, and even change out the pictures every season to match your mood.
  3. Frame a large map or painting
    If you have a map, painting, large picture, or other artwork hanging on your wall with no frame around it, it may not look as elegant as it can be. Adding a window frame all around it can give it new beauty and even create a conversation piece. With the window’s strong frame and glass cover, it will act as a great platform for your photo and art displays.
  4. Make a table
    Any large window can be easily transformed into a glass tabletop. The combination of solid frame and glass material makes for a light table that can be conveniently moved around for outdoor use. You can be creative about the assembly of your table and whether or not it will have any compartments underneath, perhaps to act as a display for sculptures or other items of interest to you.
  5. Glass greenhouse
    A green house can be made from a variety of materials that let in light, including plain glass. Since windows are typically designed to allow day lighting and ventilation, an assembly of old windows can make for a great greenhouse. The strong frame material allows you to join multiple windows together to form a sturdy construction that can withstand harsh weather. To allow for air circulation, heating, and cooling, you can open and close the windows as need be. For spaces that will be permanently open, you should consider adding a screen to keep out insects.
  6. Make decorative mirrors
    A strategically positioned mirror can be a great way to make small spaces appear bigger. But it can be a bit tricky to place a plain mirror in your living space without it looking out of place. Rather than getting an expensive decorative mirror, you can repurpose old windows into large mirrors. Their vintage look can add beauty and character to a plain wall, while making the space appear bigger.
  7. Create custom headboards
    Connecting your old windows together creates a wonderful setup that can be used to protect and display any photo, artwork, or even fabric. For a custom headboard, consider adding different fabric designs to connected window frames in a way that matches your room’s decor.
  8. Chalkboard weekly planner
    You can help your kids become more organized by creating a weekly planner with a twist. Take advantage of the window compartments to create an erasable plan for each day of the week. The listed items can be erased once completed to create a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.
  9. Hallway storage solution
    Consider adding hooks to an old window frame placed just above eye-level for family members and guests to hang their overcoats, hats, scarves, and even keys for easy access as they leave.
  10. Wall art
    Consider having a gallery wall comprising only window frames of different shapes, sizes, and colours to bring a plain wall to life. This is a great idea after replacing all the windows in your home with energy efficient ones, as you can take advantage of the different window shapes and designs to create a unique gallery wall.

If you don't want plain window frames, you can add a picture, painting, or artwork to the frame as mentioned earlier. Alternatively, you can create a framed analog clock or glassless backdrop for unframed prints.

Energy efficiency and Aesthetics

It is extremely satisfying to get energy efficient replacement windows that increase your comfort and lower your energy bills, and find new decorative and functional uses for your old windows with these ideas.

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