DIY Door Wreath Ideas For Fall

October 9, 2017



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Your front door is the gateway to your home, it sets the stage for what your guests can expect after they enter your home. You only have one chance to make a first impression on your new visitors or perhaps you have family in town over the holidays. Either way, you’d want nothing more than your guests to feel welcome and of course a little impressed with how you’ve been keeping your home.

With the onset of crisp early mornings, warm sunny afternoons, and cool early evenings, it certainly feels like Fall is finally here. As much as we love the freedom of Summer, everyone enjoys winding down into the coziest season of bright colours, warm foods, and pumpkin spice muffins and lattes! It’s the perfect time to tidy up what’s left of summer sitting out on the porch, wash away the old markings of sidewalk chalk, store the kids’ bicycles, and make way for the new Fall season.

A door wreath is a great way to change your outdoor home decor to go with the changing seasons and we’re not just talking about Christmas wreaths with bells and ribbons. Wreaths can be made into so many luscious colours, styles, and themes to suit any season, holiday, or event. It’s really quite a simple piece of decor that adds so much beauty for anyone passing by to admire. If you’ve visited your local home department stores and scoped out the wreaths they have in stock, you may have noticed, they aren’t cheap! Sure, they are beautiful but they can be costly, anywhere from $50 to $100 for a full wreath. Now, with four seasons in a year and a whole lot of holidays and events, you’re either going to need to take up a part-time job to support your wreath habits or you can get crafty and start making them yourself!

You’d be pleasantly surprised how easy these DIY Fall Wreath Ideas are to execute. Unlike some DIY craft projects you can find online, these ones are far less likely to end up as a Pinterest fail and more like a crafting addiction.


Fall Hydrangea Wreath - Clera Windows + Doors

Who wouldn’t instantly fall in love with this floral wreath? The hydrangeas combined with the opulent colour palette of changing leaves looks exactly as the feelings that Autumn bears. Both warm, yet summery. This is a simple project and is perfect for beginner crafters.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Nine Faux Hydrangea Stems (colours of your choice)
  • 18” wreath form
  • 1” wide ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Wire Cutters


  1. Start by carefully snipping off the stems from the flower using the wire cutters.
  2. Prepare the wreath by laying the wreath form flat on a surface and arrange the flowers the way you would like it to look. Make adjustments until you get it just the way you like. Save some on the leaves from the stems for added decor.
  3. Make sure your hot glue gun is warmed up and ready.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with the layout of your floral wreath, start glueing! Apply a generous dollop of hot glue to the back of each flower and leaf, one by one and hold it firmly to the wreath form until the glue hardens and the flower feels secure. *Remember, your wreath may need to withstand wind and rain.
  5. The last thing to do is tie a ribbon to the top of the wreath as it will act as the hanger for the wreath hook. It may take a couple tries to get the bow just right for the hook to hang securely.

Voila! You’re done and you’ve got yourself a beautiful new wreath that would cost you no more than $30 to $40 in supplies from your local craft store.

Now that you’ve got the jist of it, the design possibilities are endless. You’re not limited to using only florals, essentially you can decorate a bare wreath form with anything you can imagine, miniature pumpkins, acorns, corn tassels, autumn foliage, pinecones, and anything else that makes the season special. It’s also a great activity to do together with your children as a family.

Just as each home and family is unique, so will each of these projects. It’s entirely up to you what colours match best with the rest of the exterior of your home, the colour paint on your front door. If you truly want to personalize your wreath for your family, try making the monogram letter wreath!


Monogram Letter Wreath - Clera Windows + Doors

This wreath is absolutely stunning in the way the the arrangement only covers about two thirds of the wreath form, accentuating the monogram letter. You can find these wooden monogram letters at your local craft store and they are often not to expensive. The monogram wreath is a great way to really personalize your space and including the first initial of your family name as a way of greeting your guests at your home. It’s truly inviting and right on trend today.

To create this look, you’d simply follow the same steps provided for the hydrangea wreath however, instead of laying the flowers and leaves flat all the way around, you’d choose to layer the arrangement to one side of the wreath form, covering about two thirds of the circle as shown in the photo. Of course, this would take a little more creativity and patience but, it is still something you can certainly make yourself from home. For this wreath, the hanger for the hook was created by simply tying a piece of rope in a small loop to the top of the wreath and it is hidden behind a bed of full leaves. A bow was tied using burlap ribbon and hot glued on top of the arrangement.

Crafting is considered to be a therapeutic activity, so while working on these projects, take your time, treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy creating beautiful decor pieces for your home and for your family to admire. There’s nothing wrong with immersing yourself in the season. Decorating your front door with a wreath is just one way to embrace the change in season and to share the festive spirit with your neighbours and guests.

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