How New Windows Can Help You Save On Energy Bills

July 8, 2013


Energy Efficiency

New Windows Can Help You Save On Energy Bills - Clera Windows + Doors

Much like your uncle Ted, as homes age they tend to use up more and more energy. If you live in an area like Niagara Falls, chances are you own an older home. Purchasing new windows can help you save a bundle on your home energy usage in multiple ways. Here’s the lowdown.


If you don’t know what an ENERGY STAR rating is, here is a quick primer. ENERGY STAR is an energy efficiency rating that correlates directly into heating bill savings, eco-friendliness and less energy consumption. By choosing a window that has an energy efficient rating, you stand to save 10 to 25% on your energy bill.

Energy efficient windows have two panes. This helps heat retention and provides insulation from outside noise. Today, most windows use argon or krypton to reduce the U-value and improve thermal performance.  All you really need to know is the Energy Rating of the window.  It will be a number in the 20’s or 30’s- the higher the number, the better.  You will find many manufacturers Energy Rating numbers on the internet- go to the Energy Star Canada website.  If the window that you’re thinking about buying isn’t listed there, be wary!

Tax Credits

There are times when you will see the government offering tax credits on house renovations like windows. Instead of pulling money out of your pocket to pay for windows, take advantage of these tax credits. That way, the money that you would be using to pay for windows can be put towards your energy bill.

Keep checking government websites for rebates and tax credits on energy efficient installations. These programs pop up and close fairly frequently.

Quality Windows

Spend the money on quality windows up front, and you will be in a better position when you receive your energy bill. Wood frames tend to be a little more expensive, but have great energy efficiency. Aluminum frames are less efficient, but less costly. In the middle are vinyl window frames. If you look long enough, you will be able to find something that fits your taste and provides you with the best possible energy efficiency.   Generally speaking, a good quality vinyl window is the way to go.


If you have top-notch windows, but they were installed with two nails and a rubber mallet by ‘some guy,’ you won’t see the energy savings. A quality installation is more important than as a quality window. Spend the time finding out about your company’s installation process and their reputation, and ensure you will get an installation that transfers into savings on your bill.

Making the investment into new windows now will provide you with years of savings in the future.

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