How to Choose a Front Door that's Right for your Home

August 11, 2012



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When neighbours and guests are at street level, the front door is always noticed.  Actually, a front door can make a big impact on the overall aesthetics of the home.  Aside from the home’s beauty, a high quality front door provides a number of functional benefits too, so choosing the front door that is right for your home’s style and needs is of utmost importance.

Your front door will last for many years and it’s an investment that should be considered with care.  Ultimately, it’s your home and choice but use these tips to choose the right front door for your home:

Choosing a Front Door

Front doors are constructed in a variety of materials and then they are accented with glass.  The best approach is to pick a style that reflects your taste and décor from a high quality manufacturer so that your home receives a door that acts as a beautiful focal point, in addition to one that will protect the home from weather, and save costs on energy usage.

Wood Doors

Many homeowners choose wood doors for a variety of reasons:

  • They are very elegant
  • Customizable.  Wood can be carved with intricate patterns
  • Wood doors can raise your property’s value

A wood door is incredibly durable, and for the investment, it will last for many years.  Many homeowners choose wood and the material looks fantastic with both older and contemporary homes.  For customers that are concerned about the environment, many wood door manufacturers purchase their lumber from reforestation projects, which plant trees as they are used.  No rainforests or natural habitats are destroyed in the process.

Aluminum Doors

This material is a popular choice for many homes for reasons such as:

  • Durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Affordable

One of the best reasons to choose aluminum is because the doors can be painted in almost any colour.  This offers great potential to really change the entire look of the home’s exterior without any major renovation work.

After determining the material of door, the homeowner can choose the style of glass which will compliment the door and the individual’s specific taste and style.  Glass can be extremely intricate, to the point of being a work of art.  Textured glass panels will be combined with a variety of materials from patina, brass and zinc to finish the installation of a front door, which will provide years of beauty, insulation and energy efficiency for the home.

If you are looking for a front door, ask your window and door expert at Clera Windows + Doors for brochures and more information to make the best decision for your home and family.

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