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How to Clean Hard to Reach Windows Inside and Out

No one should have to risk their life for clean windows. We live in an age where this should be the least of our worries. These helpful tips will show you how you can clean your windows without having to find out if your insurance will cover the fall.

Extendable Squeegee

A squeegee with an extendable arm can be a lifesaver for those hard to reach windows. Both interior windows and exterior windows can be easily reached with a little help and some elbow grease.  Make sure the arm you choose is strong enough to withhold a bit of pressure so you don’t have to press as hard to get the dirt and grime off your windows.

If you’re going to use a squeegee, remember to always clean from top to bottom. Starting from the bottom will leave you with streaky windows by the time you get to the top. For a cleaning solution, a bucket of some window cleaner and water will do the trick. Just make sure you dry right away.

Sliding Apartment Windows

Windows that slide horizontally can be almost impossible to clean. You slide it to one side and reach out, but how are you supposed to clean the other window? The easiest way to accomplish this is to pull the window out of the frame, clean it and then replace it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Check for any screws on the top track and security devices that prevent removal (and maybe read your lease before you attempt this).
  • You may have a small, black rubber piece on the top of the track. This also needs to be removed.
  • Ensure the window is unlocked
  • Slide the window open almost all the way and put your hands on the panel
  • Push the panel into the top track, lifting it out of the bottom track and pull it towards you
  • Clean your window and do this process in reverse to put it back

For a video demonstration on how to clean sliding windows, watch this video.

Window Drying

A broom with some paper towel around it works wonders for those hard to reach window spaces that need a streak-free shine.

The Hose

For those who need a quick fix for dirty exterior windows, one can always use the reliable thumb over the hose and give them a spray down. This may cause water marks on the windows, so it isn’t a permanent solution. And certainly not preferable for your interior windows.

Washing windows doesn’t have to be a chore – well, it doesn’t have to be an eye-rolling, huffing and puffing chore. These few easy tips should help you get your windows clean safely.



  • Avatar for S Rockwell S Rockwell says:

    These are some great tips! Thanks for sharing them. I never thought about getting an extendable squeegee. Great idea. I’ve always had trouble cleaning the outside of my windows and have even used a latter. I know that’s dangerous so I am glad I don’t have to do that anymore. I really appreciate these tips.

  • Avatar for Gary Rockwell Gary Rockwell says:

    Thank you for sharing these great tips…they are very helpeful. I especially like the idea of getting an extendable squeegee. I never thought about it before. I have had a lot of difficulties cleaning the outside of my windows and used a latter. It is actually pretty dangerous and I will not be doing it anymore. Thanks again for these awesome tips.

  • Avatar for Ivy Baker Ivy Baker says:

    I want to get better security screens put on my windows. Also, I would like my windows to look really nice after the screens are put on. Thanks for suggesting that I use a squeegee that can extend to clean my upper windows.

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