8 Best Windows to Brighten Your Hallways

October 6, 2021



Windows to Brighten Your Hallways - Clera Windows + Doors

Whether we’re talking about a hallway from the home’s front door or a hallway running through a series of bedrooms, chances are these areas don’t get enough light.These parts of the home typically rely on bright artificial light just so they don’t look dark and sullen.By selecting the best hallway windows and strategically placing them, you can easily brighten up your home. At the same time, you can also decrease your dependence on artificial light. This complete guide shows you helpful tips on how to achieve that effect. Let’s begin!

Best Windows To Brighten Your Hallways - Clera Windows + Doors

Windows For Doors

Doors typically obstruct light. Whether it’s an exterior door obstructing outdoor light, or an interior door obstructing light from the rooms. By having well-placed windows around your doors, you can allow light to flow more seamlessly into and around the house, even in dark hallways.

1. Sidelights and Fixed Transom Windows  For Your Front Door

The hallway leading to your front door needs to be bright and welcoming. However, in the absence of glass panels, this part of the home can easily look dark and gloomy. The solution is to get sidelights and fixed transom windows. Sidelights are the fixed windows on one or both sides of the door. Meanwhile, transom windows are the windows situated above the door. For front door applications, it is best to have both of these windows as fixed windows. They will allow sunshine to pour through your home’s entrance, brightening up an adjacent hallway or staircase.  As an added bonus, these windows make the front door seem larger, endowing the home with an added touch of elegance.

2. Operable Transom Windows For Your Interior Doors

Another beneficial option for hallway windows is using operable transom windows for interior doors. Transom windows on interior doors can help light to flow through a hallway flanked or surrounded by bedroom doors, thereby increasing the hallway’s brightness.Since these transom windows are also operable, they can be kept open at certain times of the day in order to get better ventilation in the rooms. Apart from installing transom windows, here are more tips to increase natural light in your entryway.

Windows For Walls Adjacent to or Near Hallways

In the last section, we talked about how to make the front door and interior doors less obstructive so that hallways can get more light. Here, we will talk about hallway windows that can be installed on walls adjacent to or near hallways to really bring in the light to these parts of the home.

3. Clear or Textured Fixed Windows

Fixed windows (low profile or high profile), otherwise known as picture windows, are versatile types of hallway windows. Though these windows are not designed to open, they can let the sunlight flood in and are relatively more energy-efficient than an operable window of the same make. They can be placed on any exterior wall and come in virtually all sizes. Fixed windows can be used as a series of rectangular windows along the side of a hallway if one side is an exterior wall. They can also be larger so they act more like walls of glass, allowing even more sunlight to pour through.Even if your hallway does not have an exterior wall along with it, you can place fixed windows on any nearby exterior wall to help light up your hallway. Fixed windows can be made with clear or textured glass. Clear glass is the best for showcasing a view. As for homeowners who want a big well of sunshine without sacrificing privacy, textured glass or partially textured glass in fixed windows could be the best option.Check out our guide on glass finishes for more information.

4. Specialty Shaped Fixed Windows

Fixed windows can also come in specialty shapes like circular, cathedral-style windows, and arched windows. These shapes can make a dramatic effect on your home’s design and are interesting focal points, as well as sources of sunshine for your hallways.For a more unique approach to your hallway windows, check out our ultimate guide on specialty shaped windows for everything you need to know.

5. Larger Window Combinations

If you already have windows near your hallways but they aren’t doing any justice to the space, you can choose to enlarge them by making them a part of a combination window. Combination windows can have both fixed and operable components, making them a great choice if you require both added sunlight and ventilation in your hallways.

Larger Window Combinations - Clera Windows + Doors

6. Skylights or Solar Tubes

Skylights or solar tubes are excellent ways to bring the light in from above. With enough skylights or solar tubes along your hallway, you can easily switch off all artificial lighting during the day and still have a well-lit hallway. These are excellent choices, especially for hallways that do not have a nearby exterior wall where you can install a window.

7. Casement Windows

Casement windows are operable windows that are hinged. They open like doors, allowing the whole sash to swing. For this reason, casement windows provide superb ventilation. They are also simple and can go with various design styles. You can have casement windows along your hallway or on a nearby exterior wall. They can also be standalone windows or part of a larger window combination.Here are some tips on how to choose a casement window for your home.

8. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows or sliders are another great option when considering operable windows for your hallway. These windows slide horizontally along a track. As hallway windows, sliding windows are typically horizontal and large, allowing for abundant sunlight to come through. Moreover, sliding windows also give added ventilation, though not as much as casement windows can provide. The simplicity of sliding windows makes them compatible with many design styles. Like casement windows, they can be placed along a hallway or on a nearby exterior wall. These hallway windows can also be standalone windows or part of a larger combination window.

Reliable, Stylish, and Energy-Efficient Hallway Windows by Clera

Whichever style of hallway windows you decide to get for your home, you need ones that will give comfort, security, durability, and energy-efficiency. These are the kinds of windows that we manufacture here at Clera Windows + Doors. Hallways are one of the trickiest areas of the home when it comes to interior design, that’s why we offer customizable window options. If there are other unique areas of your home that require windows, we can help with that too. Schedule a FREE in-home consultation or contact us today to get started.

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