How Window Designs Can Influence The Interior Of Your House

August 3, 2015


Interior Design

 Influencing Window Design Decor - Clera Windows + Doors

Although windows are often considered a mere source of light, their placement and design can actually have a significant impact on your home’s interior! Windows comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and opacities. From beautiful bay windows to stunning skylights, these seemingly simple glass panes can change the entire atmosphere from room-to-room.

Natural Light

Choose windows that make the best use of natural light. All rooms within the home should contain some sort of window, but if that’s not possible, make sure the rooms that are most commonly used do.

Ideally, bedrooms and kitchens should take advantage of the early morning sunrise. Family rooms and dining areas should make use of the evening sunset.

Frame Outdoor Views

Do you have a beautiful backyard you like to look at while in the family room? Or perhaps you have a gorgeous deck you like to admire from the dining room table. Whatever the view, find windows that frame your most cherished outdoor spaces.‘Picture windows’ have the ability to elevate your mood, especially when it frames a spectacular view. If your budget allows for it, consider installing floor-to-ceiling windows. These types of windows are perfect for those who have a breathtaking city view or unobstructed sight of the lake.

Make Ceilings Feel Taller with Skylights

Many homeowners ignore what is often called the ‘fifth wall’. When opened up, ceilings are a great source of natural light.Skylights are an upfront investment, but add incredibly resale value to your home. They also allow you to add a window without wasting space, such as areas like the ceiling above a staircase. This otherwise unused area can become an incredible source of natural light!

Contrary to popular opinion, skylights are also energy efficient. In fact, according to the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, skylights actually reduce overall energy consumption!There are many benefits of choosing energy efficient windows. Not only will it result in significant savings, but it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as your carbon footprint.

Other ways to make your windows more energy efficient include choosing fiberglass or vinyl window frames, which are the most durable. Installing double glazing, weatherstripping and low-e coatings are additional ways of making your windows more energy efficient.

Lastly, always look for windows that are certified by Energy Star. This change will alone will result in a decrease on your energy bills by 12 percent. Click here for more information.

Alter Opacities Depending on your Needs

Window technology has become so advanced that you can customize the opacity of your glass panes. If you have a room where you’d like to take advantage of the morning sunlight but would also appreciate maximum privacy, these options are ideal. Translucent glass is perfect in this type of scenario because sunlight can pour in, but it remains difficult for those outside to see what’s going on indoors.

Not All Windows Must be Square

Considering installing windows in various shapes for visual variety. Although squares and rectangles are common, windows can come in whatever design your heart desires. Space them in unique configurations that reflect your personal style, or take a look at diamond or circular windows to complement the general décor of your home.

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