12 Ways To Bring Nature into Your Home Through Decor

August 12, 2018



12 Ways To Bring Nature Into Your Home Decor - Clera Windows + Doors

Home decor that embodies natural elements is modern and trending right now. Incorporating colours and textures that resemble nature gives a truly organic appearance that is both soothing and healthy feeling. So, how do you incorporate more natural elements into your home other than a vase of dried flowers, a plug-in zen fountain, and random collection seashells? People love the organic and natural appeal of nature because it presents feelings of peace, calm, and is welcoming which all the things a home or living area should be. If you’ve been trying to come up with inspiring ways to create a more homely environment with organically inspired pieces, here are 12 subtle, yet modern ways to bring nature into your home through decor:

Choose what elements are most calming to you

Some people resonate more with softer materials of nature such as cotton, muslin, or wool, while others have developed a more inherent feeling towards wood and other rugged materials like leather or stones. It is possible that people have developed a connection with certain elements of nature based on experiences throughout their lives and these experiences in nature has stayed with them and became warm memories throughout the years. Choose what elements you resonate most with and incorporate those materials into the decor pieces you choose such as a natural rock accent piece above the fireplace mantel of mahogany wood flooring in living area.

Neutrals and naturals

Think of organic materials when choosing your colour palette. Think of the colours and shades you see in nature: Bamboo, bark, foliage, cotton, sage, and other beautiful elements. Neutral colours are clean looking and completely versatile for when you want to add a pop of colour or change up your design once in a while.

Brick as a backdrop or accent wall

Nature in itself is rugged, it is full of textures, grains, and colours. Incorporating a brick wall as a backdrop in a living area or study is really modern. You can leave the brick in its natural red clay colour or apply a fresh coat of pain over it leaving only a hint of brick through its rugged edges and textures. This feature looks great in urban loft setting or even country-style homes.

Natural wood furniture

There’s something about natural wood furniture that is both charming and modern at the same time. A furniture piece that would be fitting in a country-style home has the ability to be evoke a minimalistic appeal in any modern home. For example, the lines and textures seen in ratan furniture are amazing pieces for nature-inspired interior design. Artisan crafted wood furniture pieces are more than just rustic, they are also luxurious in the way they are built to last. Natural wood furniture is strong, durable, and have the sort of detail you can’t easily find in any contemporary furniture store. Use your natural wood furniture to create a focal point in the room by arranging them in the centre of the room or hanging on a feature wall.

Essential oils

As you know in nature, there is more than what meets the eye. As such, nature has a way of tingling all of our senses including scent. Diffusing pure essential oils in a room is soothing and good for your health. It can be a destresser for some people and sets a peaceful ambience in the room. Tie in all your elements of nature and fill the room with the scent of fresh lavender and eucalyptus.

Picture window

There’s nothing that resembles that elements of nature more than natural light, especially if you are trying to incorporate nature into your city dwelling. A picture window is a inoperable window that provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors. With a fixed picture window installed on your feature wall, you’ll have the most natural light to brighten up your space, making it feel and appear more spacious as well as nature at its finest as the main focal point of the room. Homes that are nestled among pine forests or a serene location by the water tend to have the most wonderful views. Looking out a panoramic window, enjoying the gorgeous views of nature while you soak in a tub seems like the ultimate form of luxury. It’s such a wonder what a picture window can do for the room, it’s as if it provides a true connection between the room and the great outdoors. Use light window treatments that don’t block the natural light from pouring through the room.If you have a window that is need of replacing, it may be possible to widen the frame and install a larger fixed window in its place. This would provide a very modern and sleek design to your nature-inspired living space.

French Bay Windows

French bay windows are a stunning window type for first storey master bathrooms or bedrooms. Especially for homes encompassed in nature. Not only are french windows absolutely gorgeous in any home, they are timeless so they will remain looking beautiful for many years. Bay windows let in the most natural light and makes any area appear more spacious as the windows extended outwards, making it a great choice for small spaces like the master bathroom. With bay windows, the centre window typically is an inoperable picture window while the two side windows can be installed as casement windows that can open to provide proper ventilation. If you’d like more information on replacement windows for your home, contact Clera Windows and Doors today. Our window professionals can help you make your home design ideas become a reality. Find out more about new windows for your home and book a free consultation today.

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