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How You Can Save On Energy Costs?

Many families are unaware of the money they can save from making their home fully energy-efficient. A few simple tweaks to your home’s residential windows and doors, water and sewage system, hydro and home maintenance can save you thousands of dollars each year.

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In the detailed example outlined in our “Home Running Cost Comparison” infographic, the energy-savvy Templeton family saved $6,295 a year compared to their neighbours, the Wilson’s – and your family could save even more.

Our team at Clera Windows And Doors has shared the specific methods you can use to achieve big energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

Energy loss in your home

The money you spend to keep your home operating normally is quickly leaking out through your windows and doors. On average, non-efficient windows and doors account for 30% of energy loss. As well, money spent on water and sewage systems is quickly sinking down the drain due to showers, toilets, laundry machines and dishwashers in need of an update. Neglecting to repair and clean ducts and gutters, leaving lights on when not in use and using propane, oil or electric to heat your home all contribute to the cost of running your home.

How you can save on energy costs

In our below infographic, we’ve highlighted two families of four. The Templeton family used Low-E glass windows and weatherstripped their doors. They made renovations to their bathroom, installing low-flush toilets and energy-efficient faucets. The Templeton’s heat their 2200 sq.ft home with natural gas, and maintain their ducts and gutters, avoiding costly damage.

If the cost of running your home resembles that of the Wilson family – who spend over $6,000 more each year compared to the Templeton family – there are some changes you should make to your home.

You can save 12% per year on energy bills by switching to ENERGY STAR products. ENERGY STAR dishwashers use 70% less energy, washing machines and dryers use 20% less energy, and fridges save you $57 per year. As well, using LED and CFL light bulbs will save on an average of $125/month in energy costs and last 3-25 times longer than traditional bulbs.

Low flow shower heads will save you 25-60% more water, and efficient faucets save 32% more water. As well, installing a low-flush toilet will save $379 litres of water each day.

Making these changes to your home will ensure you save big and keep your home running smoothly. Check out our below infographic to learn more about how you can save like the Templeton’s.

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