7 Interior Design Trends for 2022

December 8, 2021


Interior Design

Interior Design Trends for 2022 - Clera Windows + Doors

Many interior design experts will agree that trends are greatly influenced by our experience as a collective. The global pandemic urged more people to spend time indoors and disrupted the global supply chain. Therefore, many upcoming trends are responses to these shared human experiences over the last two years.  These upcoming interior design trends for 2022 are focused on concepts like sustainability, multifunctional spaces, comfort centricity, maximalism, and the exciting grandmillennial style. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this list of interior design trends 2022.

1. Yes to Vintage, Antique, Pre-Loved, and Repurposed Items

In a survey of 200 supply chain executives, conducted by Ernst & Young LLP, it was found that 72% of companies across multiple sectors suffered “significantly or mostly negative effects” from the global pandemic. The lockdowns and restrictions caused the flow of raw materials to either slow down or halt completely, thereby affecting manufacturing. There has also been a surge in demand for furniture and other decorative items driven by the lifestyle changes during the pandemic. Combining the supply chain disruption and this surge in demand, what we get is higher prices for furniture and other items used for home renovation or redecorating. Furthermore, frustrating furniture shipping delays can last until 2023.  As a response to the above factors, vintage, antique, pre-loved, and repurposed items will be one of the biggest interior design trends of 2022. Think of upcycled furniture, repurposed/reclaimed wood, vintage decor, and so on. Not only is this trend a great solution to the problem at hand, it also creates a unique aesthetic that will surely keep homeowners wanting more.

Vintage, Antique Repurposed Items - Clera Windows + Doors

2. Maximalism

For anyone who wants to let go of the “less is more” mantra, maximalism may just be your cup of tea. Maximalism can be considered the “opposite” of minimalism and is characterized by the following elements:

  • Maximum use of bold colours like navy blue, charcoal, deep green, bright green, fuschia, and so on - even on the walls.
  • Repeating patterns (e.g. chevrons, paisley, small florals) that create continuity.
  • Carefully curated furniture, paintings, photos, rugs, books, plants, and other elements that are varied but still maintain harmony.

Maximalism isn’t for the faint of heart. Careful and thoughtful curation is required to make this design style work. However, if you have been cooped up at home for the past months and feel you’ve grown tired of the (relatively) blank minimalist interiors, maximalism could be a welcome change. Besides that, this interior design style is great fun to put together.

3. Grandmillennial Style

Grandmillennial style is, in many ways, similar to maximalism. Both of these styles are not afraid of colours, floral prints, patterned drapes, paintings, and so on. However, the grandmillennial style has a deliberately nostalgic intent which creates a comforting and warm aesthetic. Like maximalism, this interior design style can also be a welcome change from the more neutral and detached minimalist aesthetic. The grandmillennial style can be recognized by these design elements:

  • Classic patterns like floral, chintz, plaid, and toile.
  • Fringes, ruffles, embroidery on furniture, throw pillows, and  pillows.
  • Vintage furniture and vintage decor like antique china and oil paintings.
  • A modern spin to complete the look.

Adding a modern spin to the above nostalgic or classic elements takes a keen eye. You can opt for more modern versions of above patterns or pick accents that are trendy and can be switched up easily. Some may also add abstract art to give that modern edge.

Grandmillennial Style - Clera Windows + Doors

4. Curvy Lines and Furniture

Because minimalism has dominated the interior design scene for a long while, straight lines and clean edges have become the norm. When speaking to the top interior design trends for 2022, however, there will be more emphasis on curved lines and funky, curvy furniture. Curved lines can be found in elements like rug patterns, mirror shapes, home arches, paintings, and so on. Curved couches and other types of furniture are also likely to be trendy in 2022. These curved elements give a sense of softness, warmth, and comfort – things that everyone is looking to include in their home at this time.

5. Natural, Neutral Shades

If you’re not into the bold colours and patterns of maximalism or the grandmillennial style, don’t fret. Neutral and natural colours will never be out of style. After all, neutral and natural shades create a sense of peace and serenity. Moreover, these shades work best with more nature-inspired decor. As sure as nature’s beauty will never lose its appeal, natural and neutral shades are here to stay.

Natural, Neutral Shades - Clera Windows + Doors

6. Multifunctional Furniture and Spaces

Another realization brought about by the pandemic is how most home spaces aren’t really used to their full potential. Many homeowners and designers were forced to rethink home layouts with the sudden need for offices and dedicated study areas. This is why multifunctional furniture and spaces are also included in our list of interior design trends for 2022. Focusing on multifunctionality will be especially appealing (and beneficial) for owners of smaller homes and condo spaces.

7. Natural Light is Never Out of Style

Whatever interior design upgrade you’re thinking of doing in 2022, you will need the windows to match. The right windows should not only complement your home’s new style but also bring in more natural light. Increased natural light will emphasize the beauty of your home while also making the space feel more inviting and cheerful.

Natural Light is Never Out of Style - Clera Windows + Doors

Start the New Year Off Right With Clera Windows + Doors

That wraps up our blog on interior design trends for 2022. If you’re looking for stylish, durable, and energy-efficient windows to complete your home upgrade, we’re here to help. Clera Windows + Doors is a leading manufacturer and seller of high-quality custom windows. Our durable custom windows are designed to suit just about any home aesthetic. Furthermore, our windows are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they will continually give benefits such as:

  • Lowering heating/cooling costs;
  • Protecting your interiors from harsh UV rays; and
  • Maintaining a comfortable environment in your home.

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