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Not all windows open the same way. Here are some great options

At Clera, we believe that variety is the spice of life.  Well, at least when it comes to windows.  We pride ourselves on offering the best selection possible.

When it comes to different ways to open your windows, you’d better believe we’ve got all the bases covered.  Our options include:

Hang Tilts

Our hang tilt windows are the most economical and space-conserving windows out there.  They open by tilting in from a pivot near their base.  We offer single hang tilts for short windows, and double hang tilts for tall ones.

Slider Tilts

Need a window with a wider range of motion?  We’ve got it: windows that both slide and tilt.  These windows are great for bedrooms and semi-underground basements.  Tilt or slide them to open, depending on what your space allows.


Awning windows work just like awnings at the beach.  They open outwards from the bottom.  This lets you open your windows during a rainstorm.  The outward projected glass awning prevents rain from getting inside.

Awnings provide a lot of fresh air flow.  However, they do not provide the maximum possible amount of fresh air.  For fresh air junkies, nothing will suffice except:


Casement windows provide the maximum possible amount of fresh air.  The only way a window could possibly allow more fresh air flow would be if it had no glass at all.

Casements have a sliding pivot.  This allows them to open completely, like a door, to the outside.  However, limits to the pivots movement will prevent casement windows from flapping around or being damaged in the wind.

When closed, our casement windows lock to form airtight seals.  This helps you protect both your family and your energy bill from poor quality unlocked windows.

End Sliders

End slider windows are a lot like older types of windows.  Two side panels slide to open.  Most traditional windows opened this way.  However, we took it a step farther by allowing the side panels to tile inwards for easy cleaning.

We also improved on traditional windows by making ours lock together to form an airtight seal.  Our slider windows offer all the energy efficiency of tilt windows, but take up less space.


We’re a creative bunch. We take a different approach to every house.  We will find a way to install windows that open in a way that works for you, no matter what.  We are constantly on the lookout for new window opening solutions.  We feel that whatever your window needs are, we can meet them.



  • Avatar for Michael Lan Michael Lan says:

    Clera offered me a great deal of flexibility and options that I truly appreciated having as my wants and tastes are very particular.

    Since they actually make their own windows, it was great to go with them from a customization standpoint, but also a pricing standpoint since I’m buying right from the manufacturer.

    Until I started looking into new windows and doors, I had no idea how much variety there really was!

  • Avatar for Rick Rick says:

    I am glad Clera offers a variety of windows to choose from. I have been to some places that didn’t offer anywhere near the selection as they do. I am not currently in the market for replacing my current windows, but will definitely be checking these out when the time comes.

  • Avatar for James Rogers James Rogers says:

    I didn’t know there were so many different windows available. This is very helpful. I may end up buying some hang tilts, but I don’t know yet. The casement ones are my top choice now, because I need a lot of fresh air flow in my home. I live in a dry area, so these would seem to make the most sense.

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