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Should you Change the Windows in your Newly Purchased Home?

You’ve bought a new home, but when you’re walking through your new residence and looking at its windows, one thought jumps into your head:

Should I replace these things?

For most homeowners, it’s not an easy question to answer, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be figured out.

Many homeowners simply get wrapped up in the big-picture qualities of a residence when home shopping. They usually don’t go through the house during a viewing and check the existing windows for any problems or thorny issues.

This is understandable – window quality is something that perhaps only really becomes clear once you’ve lived with windows for a while. That’s when any problems will really start to become apparent.

But if you’ve just bought a new home and moved in, how do you know if the existing windows are good to stay or ready to be replaced?

The experts here at Clera can definitely give you some pointers on what to do with your new home’s windows, but if you want to check your windows before the experts get there, try giving them a check with the following tips!

Check for drafts

This is a biggie. Drafts mean not only an uncomfortable change in air temperature around windows, but they’re also a sign of energy leaking out of your house. And that’s really not good.

While many people think this can be fixed with using some weather stripping or sealant, these are only temporary fixes. A draft window is a window that should be considered for replacement. You’ll see some tell-tale signs of drafts if the corners of your frames and sashes are loose and have gaps.

The windows are single pane

This is a sign of windows that are no longer at the top of their game when it comes to keeping outside elements (and cold and heat) out. Single pane glass is common in older homes. It’s also going to take a hit on your energy bill, so consider replacing them with double-pane glass, which are much better at keeping energy from leaking out or in.

Windows that don’t open easily

This one may not be a critical issue, but can be a major nuisance – windows that simply refuse to smoothly open and close. Some older windows can even have an accompanying problem, and refuse to lock properly. This can cause a security risk, and is one good reason to replace a problematic window.

If you’re moving into a new home, make checking your windows priority #1! If anything doesn’t add up, contact the experts at Clera to ensure you’re moving into an energy-efficient home.

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