DIY Ways to Prepare Your Windows for the Winter

October 8, 2014


Home Improvement

Preparing Your Windows For Winter - Clera Windows + Doors

It’s that time of the year again – not summer. Also known as eight long months of winter.Before we know it, we’ll be breaking out our winter boots and stocking up on hot chocolate. With the snow comes the cold, and there’s no better time than the last few weeks of warm weather to winterize your room!

Here are a few ways to prepare your windows for winter without hiring a professional:


A quick and simple way to improve the how well your windows protect you from the outside world is simply to clean away dust and debris. Pay careful attention to sand, dirt, leaves, or sticks that are trying to make their way inside the windowsill. Clean them out with a firm paint or toothbrush to create a tighter seal.


Reapply the caulk around your windows and doors. This can be purchased at a home hardware store and is easy to apply on your own. Pay careful attention to areas that have been exposed to the elements, like windows in the front and back of your home. This will help to prevent future cracks and leaks.


If you’re worried about cool air getting into your living areas, cover the windows with heavy blinds or curtains. This will keep much of the cool air between you and the window.

Keep the curtains open during the day to let in sunlight; this will warm the room. At night, keep them closed to retain the warm air.As an added bonus, the look of heavy curtains often psychologically works to make the room feel warmer. A great way to keep away SAD!


If you test a few solutions and you’re still unsuccessful, try covering the windows with storm plastic. This isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it will work to keep more cool air out of your home.

For an extra guarantee, first lay down some bubble wrap. This is an additional layer of protection that is almost impossible to penetrate.

If you’re worried about the effects of tape on your window sills, put down some electrical double sided tape. This is much easier to remove and comes in a variety of colours that you can match to your room! Put the clear double sided tape on top of the electrical tape and put the plastic on last. Heat it up lightly with a blow dryer and watch the plastic shrink to fit your window. You’ll be protected for months and won’t have to worry about investing in new windows until the weather has warmed up again.

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