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The Difference Between Single Pane & Double Pane Windows

Finding the window for your needs can be difficult. There many different choices on the market and they all vary wildly in style, efficiency, comfort, and overall quality, all of which have a big impact on how well they fit your home. With that said, there is one decision that should come before you ever get to the point of choosing a particular window design: the number of panes in the window you install. You have two main choices here, double-pane windows and single-pane windows, and they both have their pros and cons. Understanding the difference will help you make the best choice for your specific needs as you look for the best windows in Barrie.

Single-Pane Windows

Windows that are made with a single layer of glass are known as single-pane windows. They are available in the same kind of styles and designs that double-pane windows come in, but they have significant differences, too.

The most obvious difference between single-pane and double-pane windows is the amount of glass used. Because single-pane windows have only one layer of glass, their insulation and ability to regulate temperatures during the different seasons is very poor. They are also less effective at keeping outdoor noise from seeping inside. With that said, they are also cheaper than double-pane windows, which makes them a favorite with people who need to stick to a strict budget. It’s important to note, however, that while it might cost less to install a single-pane window, any savings might end up going towards a higher energy bill as a result of its less-efficient design.

Are Single-Pane Windows Still in Use?

Single-pane windows are still in use, although choosing this style over a double-pane window is usually primarily motivated by cost as opposed to the actual effectiveness of the glass. They are particularly popular in mild climates where there are no real weather extremes to experience. This negates the poor insulation that single-pane windows offer. Additionally, it should be noted that window film can be used to help insulate single-pane window. It won’t offer the same protection that a single-pane window provides, but the film will offer a bit more protection.

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Double-Pane Windows

Also known as dual-pane windows, double-pane windows contain two panes of glass separated by a small, air-filled space that helps trap cool air as well as hot air before it has the chance to impact your home. The space serves as a barrier, in other words, to help protect the interior of your home from the effects of the exterior weather. Because the temperature in your home is fluctuating less and it requires less energy to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, your energy bill usually decreases with double-pane windows. Energy Star, for example, estimates that double-pane windows can help reduce your cooling and heating costs by 21% to 31%. It should also be noted that double-pane windows are better at keeping noise out of your home. This can be especially important if you live on a busy street or otherwise loud area.

The main drawback to double-pane windows when compared to single-pane windows is that they cost much more to install initially. This makes sense when you consider that double-pane windows use essentially double the materials of single-pane windows, but that doesn’t mean that price increase is any easier for homeowners to swallow. The window’s increased efficiency and reduced energy bills, however, tend to mean that the windows pay for themselves over time.

Single-Pane Windows vs. Double-Pane Windows

Now that you know the basics about the two different types of windows, you might be wondering which one is the right pick for you. To determine this, there are a few different factors that should be taken into consideration. First of all, what is your budget? If you can afford double-pane windows, that would be the idea option in terms of energy efficiency and insulation. If you are on a stricter budget, however, single-pane might be the way to go.This is especially true if you live in a mild climate where the temperatures don’t tend to fluctuate too much.

Can Single-Pane Windows Be Replaced with Double-Pane Windows?

If you’re looking for the best windows in Barrie, you should know that you can replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows, and in fact, this is the recommended course of action. Opting for double-pane windows helps “future-proof” your home a bit and ensure that it will remain as energy efficient as possible as easily as possible – after all, it doesn’t get much easier than having new windows installed and then letting them regulate the temperature on their own.

It is important that you make sure to pick quality windows when you begin the replacement process. Some people are tempted to go for “discount” double-pane windows that are less expensive, however that price comes at a bigger cost: the efficiency of the window. Poorly spaced glass, bad sealing, and other defects can impact your energy savings as well as the lifetime of the windows themselves. Additionally, keep in mind that the energy savings mentioned in this article assume that all of the windows in your home are double-pane. Replacing just one or two won’t have that same effect, although they would likely still help insulate the room in which they were placed.

The Best Windows in Barrie

For more information about the best windows in Barrie and how they can impact your home’s energy efficiency, reach out to Clera Windows + Doors today! From designing to installing, we can do everything necessary to create the perfect windows for your needs. We’re ready to get started and work on a quote for your today!

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