Black Windows and Doors: A Timeless Trend

January 17, 2023



Black Windows And Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

If you’re a new homeowner or maybe looking to remodel your house soon, you’ll likely face several decisions when it comes to decorating. This is an exciting yet challenging part of being a homeowner, especially if you follow trends in home design.

If you do, you may have noticed an increase in the use of black vinyl windows and door frames as opposed to the “traditional” white frames. One of the many reasons why people are choosing to feature black elements in the exterior design of their homes is because black is a timeless and classy aesthetic.

Black windows and doors also complement a wide range of architectural styles—from contemporary and traditional houses to sleek apartments and farmhouse designs. Black frames are also low maintenance and easy to clean, making them the preferred choice for busier homeowners out there.

Are you eager to know why this trend is here to stay? Keep on reading to find out!

The History of Black Windows

They may be gaining popularity now, but did you know that black frames aren’t a new concept?

Black windows date all the way back to the early 20th century. Black steel windows were used in factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings that you can still find today. In today’s modern era, you’ll find that this design element is adapted by many homeowners to make their houses look sleek and sophisticated.

The History Of Black Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Black vs. White Windows

The decision of whether to choose black or white windows ultimately depends on an individual's personal preference and the overall aesthetic of their home. Both options have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

White Frames: Pros and Cons


  • Usually cost less than black-framed ones;
  • Can easily match most home styles out there, especially retro or vintage;
  • Tend to naturally complement a wider variety of window treatments; and
  • Don’t absorb heat as much, which makes them an excellent choice for people living in warmer climates.


  • A common theme in many homes, which tends to make white-framed windows look generic and more on the economical side; and
  • The colour white shows dust or dirt easily as opposed to its darker-hued counterparts.
Black vs. White Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Black Frames: Pros and Cons


  • Add a sleek, modern look to a variety of home styles; 
  • The stark colour difference when combined against lighter-hued walls can make your windows a statement piece; 
  • Can also be complemented well with a variety of window treatments; and
  • Great at absorbing heat, making them the perfect choice for people living in colder climates. 


  • Not an optimal choice in warmer climates because of its heat-absorbing properties;
  • Don’t easily mix well with just any colour; and
  • Are more expensive than white frames. 

Are Black Windows a Passing Trend?

While there are certain factors to consider when installing black-framed windows or doors, such as the cost of the window and its installation, this design is not a passing fad. 

This design is more than a trend but rather a bold and chic aesthetic that’s here to stay. Because of its rich history, it also conveys a sense of character that draws the eye to it—no matter where it’s placed in the home.

Need more convincing? Here are some reasons to love the black window aesthetic:

Black Creates a Bold Contrast

We’ve touched on this above, however, it begs reiteration that darker hues can add boldness to both interior and exterior spaces.

A simple but effective way to add a bit of “oomph” factor to your room is by pairing white or light-coloured walls with black framed windows. Additionally, with your dark-toned windows, you eliminate the need for window treatments. This will accent your home décor even more.

However, if privacy is an issue, you can still add sheer curtains to cover the windows. Alternatively, privacy glass options add more detail and still keep a level of protection in your home, so it’s worth considering those too.

Black Windows Are the Perfect Frame

Black windows look similar to classic picture frames. If you’re surrounded by trees or lush greenery, use black windows to create a nice blend between your outdoor environment and your indoor spaces.

Black Is Modern

Adding onto the last point above, black will never go out of fashion. It’s timeless. Plus, the sturdy frames provide an “industrial” look to your home when used well. And since they’re so stylish, they add to the value of your home—literally and figuratively.

Black Windows Are The Perfect Frame - Clera Windows + Doors

Why Do Black Windows and Doors Cost More?

Black windows and doors cost about 10-20% higher than white windows. That’s because the window manufacturer uses a special paint and finish to prevent the colour from fading too quickly. Additionally, the increased cost can be attributed to labour expenses because of the extra step in the manufacturing process.

Let Clera Modernize Your Home

As one of Canada’s premier manufacturers and installers of windows and doors, Clera Windows + Doors offers expert craftsmanship and exceptional customer service at affordable rates. We can fully customize your new black windows and doors for you, as well as offer support that continues after a successful installation.

If you need more information about certain products, feel free to call us today or leave a message to get a FREE estimate.

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