The Ultimate Guide To Vinyl Windows

January 25, 2019



The Ultimate Guide To Vinyl Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Vinyl windows are increasingly one of the most popular window materials for homeowners all across the Greater Toronto Area. This is because it has the longevity and durability that far surpasses other materials such as steel and aluminum frames, while requiring little to no maintenance when compared to wooden frames. To ensure your windows remain in tip top condition to withstand the extreme Ontario climate, here are a few simple guidelines to follow for general window care and maintenance. We generally recommend checking up on your windows on an annual basis to ensure all is in well working order.

If you are interested in replacing the windows in your home with vinyl, contact Clera Windows and Doors to get a free estimate. Clera Windows has been operating since 1978 and as a family run company, has helped improve hundreds of thousands of homes all across the GTA, making it Ontario’s premier window replacement company.

Vinyl Window Maintenance and Care

Check Your Window Screens. Make sure you are keeping an eye on any scratches or holes in your window screens, and tighten any screws that may have gotten loose over time. It is also a good idea to check to see if the tracks are sliding properly. If you find that they are getting jammed, address the issue quickly by using a vacuum to clean the tracks, following with a spray of lubricant. Window screens can be cleaned in the shower or bath tub, or sprayed with water and scrubbed gently with a soft bristled brush.

Check the Sash and Glass. Look for cracks in the vinyl within the set of horizontal and vertical strips that hold the glass in place. Also watch out for actual cracks in the glass itself. If you notice that the glass is foggy, it may be a sign that something has impeded the airtight seal on your window, which is an important aspect of an energy efficient window. If this is compromised, your windows will not perform at its optimal level.

Weatherstripping. Another spot to look out for includes weatherstripping, which refers to the material that fuse the joints of a window frame. This should not be cracked, discoloured, or gummy. You should also ensure that the joints have not deteriorated in any way, especially where the window attaches to the building.

Drainage. When checking your windows, check to see that there is no water buildup anywhere near the window sill. Water should be able to easily drain through the “weep holes” in the window. Ensure these holes are not blocked or clogged, and clear them out if they are. You may need the assistance of a certified window installation company to help you with this step.

Window Cleaning. Easy cleanability is what vinyl windows are known for. Normal window cleaning duties can usually be accomplished with the help of only a damp cloth. For larger cleaning jobs, you can make a DIY cleaning aging by mixing one teaspoon of shampoo with a gallon of water. The mixture can be gently applied with a sponge and then rinsed with clean water. Use a lint-free cotton rag to dry the area and you are all set.

Lubrication. Windows are composed with many moving metal parts, which should always function smoothly and with ease. If you notice that your windows are getting caught when being slid open, you may want to consider apply lubricant to the track to get it back to well working order. You can purchase lubricants from almost any home improvement store and we recommend checking with your window manufacturer before applying these substances. Before doing this, a best practice is to ensure the hardware is clean beforehand, which you can do with a cloth or vacuum.

These vinyl window maintenance tips should keep your windows in well working order for many years to come. You will find that they last longer and hold up much better than wooden windows do, as the latter will require frequent paint jobs to ensure they don’t rust or deteriorate.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl window frames have also surged in popularity because of its enhanced curb appeal, energy efficiency, as well as their low maintenance. The material has largely replaced windows previously made from wood, steel, and aluminum. Homeowners who are considering a home improvement project by upgrading their windows should consider these advantages when choosing the material of their windows.

Curb Appeal. Vinyl windows and frames frequently create an impression of newness due to their clean, crisp lines. They are usually used to enhance the value of a home, which are often the choice over older metal-framed or wooden windows. By replacing old, worn-out wooden casements or rusty metal frames with vinyl, the beauty of your home can be enhanced, which will in turn maximize your profits when putting your home on the market.

Older homes are more likely to come equipped with wooden or metal frames that look and feel outdated, which can make them more difficult to replace. In some instances, it can lead to situations where a single home contains a combination of multiple window frame styles and designs. This can make the home look like it was stitched together in several different parts, rather than one cohesive unit.

The versatility of vinyl windows is that they can come in all shapes and styles, which means that all your windows can be upgraded at once. This unity will greatly improve the aesthetic and look of your home.

Energy Efficiency. Vinyl is a well known window insulation material, which means it will help keep your home cooler in the dog days of summer and warmer in the cold winter months. When compared to other window materials, vinyl windows directly translate into cost savings on your energy bill as well as convenience.

As wooden windows age, they can lose their appeal and charm as they deteriorate and show their age. This impacts not only their aesthetic quality but also their functionality. Aging windows can become loose, making the building more prone to the elements and ultimately add to your energy bills. Aluminum windows on the other hand, have low thermal resistance, which means that they cannot effectively protect the home against the extreme window swings in Ontario.

Vinyl windows are versatile and are adaptable for use in all types of weather. While wood can become warped during the humid months of summer, the shape of vinyl windows remain static. This means that your windows will remain functional for many years to come.

Low Maintenance. Recent advances in vinyl window technology has led to the creation of paints that better adhere to vinyl on a molecular level. This means that you can paint vinyl windows any colour that you desire without having to worry about it fading or flaking for at least a decade. When compared to other window materials, vinyl windows do not rust or corrode.If you are looking for a home improvement project involving the installation of vinyl windows, look no further than Clera Windows + Doors. Our family-run company has been serving residents of Ontario since 1978, improving the homes and lives of hundreds of thousands residents of the Greater Toronto Area.

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