Comparing the Top 4 Window Locks of 2020

October 23, 2020



Comparing The Top 4 Window Locks Of 2020 - Clera Windows + Doors

Safety, security and privacy are among the top 10 priorities that every homeowner considers when looking into buying a new home. Many people choose to invest in sophisticated security technology like smart doorbell cameras, such as Ring or Nest for their front doors. While that’s a smart move, it’s important not to forget about your exterior windows as a possible entry point for unwanted intruders.

As many as 23% of burglars pry open first-floor windows to gain access into your home. They prefer this than breaking glass windows, which could create a disturbance and alert the people inside to call the police. Without a proper window lock in place, this could take less than a minute for them to break and enter.

Although most new replacement windows come with a locking mechanism, these may not be enough to deter opportunistic intruders from breaking into your property. Purchasing a separate set of window locks for your home is a smart, cost-efficient plan that offers an extra layer of protection and gives you more peace of mind.

These are our favourite top-rated window locks for 2020, let’s compare!

1. Defender Security U 9809 Window Locks

The Defender Security window locks are known for being pocket-friendly and easy to install - So easy you can do it yourself! These window locks simply snap on without the need to drill screws or structurally alter anything, making them an excellent choice for renters. If you are very particular about the style of your interiors, this window lock is a good fit for you. The Defender Security window locks have a sleek white finish that blends well with white windows and are small enough to blend in.

This type of window lock is specially designed for horizontal sliding windows but works just as well with single-hung vertically-sliding windows, too. The Defender Security U 9809 window locks can be adjusted to fit any type of vinyl window frame. Once in place, you have the option to have your windows completely closed or slightly ajar to promote natural air circulation without worrying about anyone opening it from the outside.

Defender Security U 9809 Window Locks - Clera Windows + Doors

2. Lion Locks Aluminum Sliding Door And Window Lock

Lion Locks are a versatile choice if you are looking for door and window locks to safeguard your home. They can be used for both vertical and horizontal sliding windows and doors. These window locks are guaranteed to be strong and durable because they are made of heavy-duty aluminum with an inner lining of vinyl to prevent damaging the surface of your window frames. They fit sliding windows with frames of up to 3/16 inches in thickness or 3/8 inches without the vinyl liner.

They also offer convenient installation. You can do it yourself by clamping the locks in place with the included double thumbscrews. You do not need a professional or any tools to install these window locks. Like most window locks made today, you can fasten your windows closed completely or leave a gap to let the cool breeze in without compromising your safety.

The only downside of Lion Locks window locks is that the screw handles included with the product may be a little small for some users, which can make it a bit challenging when installing and uninstalling. The aluminum finish may not fit some homeowners aesthetic taste, however, that shouldn’t deter buyers as they are small and inconspicuous. Despite these minor complaints, these window locks are still top rated because they are inexpensive and do a great job.

3. Maxdot Adjustable Sliding Window Locks

Maxdot adjustable sliding window locks are a worthy investment for homeowners who not only want to dissuade robbers from gaining access into their home but also to discourage their kids from sneaking out. These types of window locks are attached to the window frame and boast a double-locking mechanism that makes it twice as difficult to pry them open from the outside.

Maxdot sliding window locks are crafted with aluminum alloy, making them almost indestructible. They also come with a hex key that makes installing or uninstalling them effortless. Similarly to the others, they work when the windows are fully closed or slightly open to encourage natural ventilation.

These window locks are flawless and are a smart choice for homeowners who are serious about taking their property’s security and safety to the next level. Some people may find an issue with the keys being detachable, instead of fixed, due to concerns that they might misplace or lose them. Nevertheless, this all boils down to personal preference.

Maxdot Adjustable Sliding Window Locks - Clera Windows + Doors

4. Onvian Window Locks

Onvian window locks share some similar winning features that homeowners love about the Maxdot adjustable sliding window locks. They are affordable, come with a double-locking system for reliable security, and are easy to install on your vinyl window frames. Tighten them using the keys they come with upon purchase or with regular hex keys. These window locks conveniently work for all types of vertical and horizontal sliding windows and sliding patio doors. They are built to last and are rust-resistant as they are made of high-quality aluminum alloy.

The only disadvantage we can think of is that since they work with traditional hex keys, older children may be able to open them once they find one that fits even if you hide the keys. Aside from that, Onvian window locks are a highly recommended product every homeowner should consider.

Secure and Stunning Exterior Windows by Clera

Pair your window locks with exterior windows that are made of premium-quality materials sure to keep your home safe and secure. Clera Windows + Doors is a leading provider of top-quality windows and doors in the country. Our products are built to last and come with a true lifetime warranty.

If you have any questions regarding the best window locks for your home, don’t hesitate to ask.

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