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The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Your Windows

So you’ve just had new replacement windows installed, or you’ve just moved into the home of your dreams.

You’re likely taking extra care with all your new fixtures, cleaning them and making sure they’re looking spic and span. Over time, our attention to our windows can fade, which can lead to more serious problems arising.

If you have windows in Toronto, it is crucial that you keep up an effective maintenance schedule to extend the shelf life of your frames and panes.

So how do you maintain your windows effectively?

There are several things you can do to keep your windows in Toronto looking and functioning their best. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to maintaining your windows for years to come.

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Check rubber seals

One of the key elements of your windows that needs to be checked on often is your rubber seals.

Rubber seals keep the glass in the frame of your window and maintain a seal between the glass and your home. They should fit snuggly with your panes and the frame, with no airflow between the two.

As a natural product, rubber degrades over time, especially if exposed to sunlight for extended period of time. Degraded rubber will become brittle and begin to flake off, breaking the seal between your window pane and the frame. It is recommended to check on your rubber seals once every few months to ensure they are still in good working order and not suffering from UV damage. Give them a wipe down with a mild detergent and a dishcloth, before drying them with a paper towel to keep them in good shape.

Look for moisture build up

Something that every homeowner should look out for in their new windows is moisture build up.

Most windows in Canada are at least dual paned, meaning there are two panes of glass sandwiched together with a space between them filled with gas or air. This improves the insulating properties of the window, as well as its impact resistance and light filtering. When windows start to degrade, the seal between the two windows and the outside world can begin to falter, allowing moisture to creep into the gas filled space. This will be evident if you begin to notice droplets inside the window, or frost during the winter.

Ensure you make checking for moisture build up a part of your window maintenance routine. If it is caught early enough, you may be able to repair the window before a full replacement is required, saving you time and money.

Seal any gaps

Ensuring that there are no gaps between the window and wall is an essential part of any Toronto window maintenance.

Over time, drywall can begin to crack, wood can expand or contract, and vinyl panelling can warp. Particularly in a new build, when the property begins to settle after being set up, you can begin to notice some gaps between your window and the wall. These gaps can allow outside air into your home, as well as letting inside air out. This can create a temperature discrepancy that your climate control system will attempt to fix by using more energy to heat or cool your home. This results in a higher hydro bill and unpleasant drafts near your windows.

Good window maintenance should involve checking your windows every 6 months for new cracks and sealing them with caulk. This will repair the seal and allow your windows to function normally and provide an effective seal from the outside elements.

Replace weather stripping

Similar to rubber seals, weather stripping is another feature of your windows in Toronto that will need to be inspected regularly.

Weather stripping is often made from rubber, silicone, or high durability thermoplastics and are attached to the rim of your windows. They act to prevent water from entering your home, as well as improving the air seal between the window and the frame. These strips are attached to the rim of your window, where the window meets the frame. They are designed to provide an effective air seal between the interior of your home and the exterior climate. When working properly, you should not feel any draft or fluctuations in temperature near the window, as well as no water leakage from rain or snow.

Inspect these every few month to check for any wear and tear. Giving them a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any debris or mould build up can keep them working properly for longer.

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Check locks & latches

Windows are also security points in your home, and you should inspect the locks and latches to ensure they are still effective.

There are many different styles of locks and latches used in windows in Toronto. The exact mechanism will vary from window to window, however, they all should be able to be locked and not opened from the exterior of your home. When the lock is closed, the window should not move or rattle, and the mechanism should lock and unlock easily when required.

Over time, rust and grime can build up in lock and latch elements, causing them to wear down, be difficult to use, or break entirely. Ensure they are kept dry and well oiled can improve the security of your home for years to come.

Get a professional service

While every homeowner would love to be able to do everything themselves, effective window maintenance should always include a yearly professional service.

Toronto window professionals are well trained to identify any areas of concern and perform more in depth repairs than untrained residents will be able to do. They will give each window a thorough inspection, clean, and tune up to ensure they are working effectively. Clera Windows + Doors takes pride in offering one of the most comprehensive window services in Toronto. Our window experts are fully licensed and insured and have years of experience maintaining every style of window so they last for years. Contact us today and do your windows a favour!

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