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Vinyl Vs Wood Windows – Which Option Is The Best For You Home?

One of the most important steps in selecting new windows for your home is examining the available materials for the renovation project. Vinyl and wood are two of the leading options within the marketplace, and so by highlighting the differences between the two materials and choosing based on these material characteristics, you can ensure the ideal window material for your home.

Vinyl Windows Offer Simplified Maintenance

One important advantage for vinyl windows is that they require only a limited amount of maintenance throughout their lifetime.

The windows don’t require repainting or sealing. Wood windows however require painting and sealing both at the time of installation and throughout their lifetime. The painting of wood windows must be completed precisely to avoid damaging the material.

Wood has Superior Insulation

Wood windows offer exceptional insulation within the family home. Wood frames are outstanding at limiting the transmission of cool and warm air. While vinyl windows are often able to also limit air transmission, they are largely hollow and thus, when made by the wrong manufacturer, allow some air to travel into the home, reducing the level of insulation they provide.

However, when choosing to go with a reputable company like Clera, you’ll be ensuring that you’ll save on energy costs with either option over the long-term.

Vinyl Windows are Cost Effective

Because of the higher value of wood compared with synthetic vinyl materials, vinyl windows are more affordable for the modern homeowner. On average, vinyl windows tend to be 25% more affordable to buy than wood windows. This is often because only a few local companies carry wood windows.

In addition, customers are often willing to pay more for wood because of its aesthetic value.

Aesthetics Depend on the Unique Homeowner

While wood windows were once the leading choice of window product simply because they looked better than other products within the home, the latest innovations within the industry mean vinyl products are becoming more widely popular. Vinyl windows are now available in a range of colours and can be designed to complement a range of décor styles. However, vinyl, like other window materials, cannot duplicate the natural allure of wood.

By reviewing the information in this article carefully, homeowners make the ideal selection for their long-term window requirements. To discuss vinyl and wood windows with an expert, contact our trusted team today!

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