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What are the cost savings you get with replacement windows?

You know the value of a great deal. So if you know you could be saving on your utility bills while saving the planet at the same time, would you do it? By simply replacing your old and drafty windows and doors with high efficiency ones you will start saving immediately and here’s how!

  1. Heating & Cooling Costs—your home may be heated with a wood-burner, gas, or electrical heat sources all of which require resources and income to help heat your home. Properly paned glass, better insulation, and professional framing and sealing can help reduce utility bills immediately! The same way that the windows help seal your heat in when it’s cold, good windows will keep the heat out when it’s hot! Whether you are trying to simply avoid the extreme temperature or keep the air circulated from your AC unit contained indoors, high efficiency windows work to separate you from the outside world. Keep a copy of your utility bill before the upgrade and after and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference!
  2. Repair Costs—depending on the age of your home, quality of materials used, and level of craftsmanship on your build, repairs could be costly. Sometimes the issue is rotted wood on frames, other times it is old brittle glass that cracks and no longer protects your home from the environment, whatever the reason, if you haven’t replaced your old, low efficiency windows in their entirety you will slowly need to replace one at a time increasing the cost of materials, labour, handyman assessments and the continued fear of what next? It may be in your best interest to update all of your windows to the high efficiency variety at once. While individual repairs seem less expensive in the interim, new windows are an investment that will continue to pay dividends. Buying in bulk will often reduce the per window cost, as will the labour costs be decreased as the installer will be doing a custom order rather than an hourly install.
  3. Buying/Selling Home Costs—whether you are in the market to buy a home or sell your current residence, all involved parties will be looking closely at structure and fixtures. The installation of high quality, energy efficient windows and doors can sway the home value between $5000-$10000+. If you are the buyer, make sure to ask about the age and type of windows, or better yet have a home inspector in to test their efficiency. If the windows are old and liable to damage or run up costly bills, use that as a bargaining tactic and bring the cost down so you can put some money aside to replace them before your first winter! If you are selling your home, the installation of new windows can bring the value of your home up and help ‘seal’ the deal with potential new owners!

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