What Can You Do If Your Windows Are Leaking?

April 25, 2016



Windows Leaking - Clera Windows + Doors

The problem of leaking windows can have a large impact on the average homeowner. When a window begins to leak, moisture and air can make it inside the home and affect the home environment.Moisture can cause significant structural damage to carpeting and wall spaces. While air can change the temperature within the home, eliminating any efficiency gains made by using the latest heating and cooling equipment. It’s important, therefore, that you know how to respond if you encounter a leaking window. In this latest post, we’ll provide our guide on how to respond to window leak challenges.What Happened to My Windows?Before beginning to fix the leak within your window spaces, it’s important to understand how the leak might have occurred. This understanding will help you to prevent the issue in the future. Let’s look at several of the reasons that windows leak:Glazing putty changesThe glazing putty used to hold the window in place may have become brittle over time. This might lead to the window rattling within the frame and will allow a significant amount of space for air and water to enter the area.Window ShrinkageSome double-hung sashes in wood windows can actually shrink with age. This occurs when the material loses its density due to air exposure, then lets in further air as it shrinks.Worn-Out StrippingIn newer windows that are exposed to harsh elements on a regular basis, the weather stripping around the window and the gaskets within the windows might have worn out, leaving gaps within the window structure.How to Resolve Leak IssuesNow that you have a clear understanding on the various reasons that windows leak, it’s time to go over your potential leak repair options. These options are ideal for those with significant experience in window maintenance and should only be carried out if you’re comfortable with the tools required.ReglazingReglazing windows can be ideal for leaks that are the result of changes to the glazing putty. To begin the reglazing process, simply chip off the old window glazing with a small knife. During this process, keep the small triangular points in place as they will hold the window steady as you work. After chipping away the old glazing, sand the frame by hand and then wipe off the dust with a rag.Once the sanding has been completed, you can remove a piece of glazing compound from the container and then roll it around in your hands until it’s completely pliable. Then, you’ll need to form the compound into a rope, lay the rope onto the frame around the perimeter of the window and push it into place.You can then flatten the glazing compound by holding the knife blade at a 45-degree angle from the edge of the frame and starting from one end, draw the knife along the putty. This should create a flat glazing surface that extends from the window to the frame. You can then repeat this process on the other three sides of the frame.Over 10 days, the putty should harden and provide you with a strong, stable new window that prevents moisture and air penetration.Recaulking with Waterproof CaulkRecaulking is ideal for resolving issues with the surrounding area between the frame and window. The process is quite simple for those with some home maintenance experience. You can begin by pulling off any loose caulk and then washing the window with a detergent solution. Then put your tube of caulk into a caulking gun and cut the tip to a 45-degree angle with a knife to match the window frame. You can then use a nail to puncture the caulk tube.Now, lay a continuous strip of caulk, while being careful to avoid spaces and bubbles in the joint between the window and the frame along one side of the window space. Then run your fingers over the caulk to flatten the material out and ensure a smooth surface. The other three sides of the window can be caulked in the same way. If you’re going to paint the caulk afterward, you should leave it to dry overnight to avoid damaging the newly caulked window space.Replacing WindowsIf you’ve tried recaulking and reglazing your windows without success. It might be time to consider high efficiency vinyl window products. There are a number of options available within the current marketplace, and our team here at Clera Windows + Doors can help you choose the ideal window style for your unique home space. We also offer professional window installation to help you save time and money in replacing your windows throughout the year.Challenging window leak issues can be resolved seamlessly through expert guidance. To discover more on managing window leak issues, speak with our expert team today.

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