Window Replacement: 4 Commonly Committed Mistakes

December 4, 2015



 Window Replacement Mistakes - Clera Windows + Doors

Replacement windows are a great investment in maintaining the value of your home and enhancing its efficiency. Many homeowners choose to replace their own windows instead of hiring a professional service company.Although this might save you money in the short term, making common window replacement mistakes can end up costing you more than you bargained for.Here are 4 commonly committed window replacement mistakes to be aware of.

1. Going Cheap

If you’re going to replace your home’s windows, it makes sense to use high-quality materials. If you base your window replacement decisions on price alone, you might be setting yourself up for inferior results that won’t last.This could require you to need another replacement sooner than expected. Instead, you want to find the right windows for your home while also keeping your budget in mind.A window replacement professional helps you determine which window types will provide the greatest benefit for your needs.

2. Installing With the Wrong Materials

Another common replacement mistake occurs when homeowners use the wrong materials for their new windows. A window’s components must function properly in order to provide long-lasting performance.Choosing an incorrect part compromises the integrity of the window and leads to another early replacement. You should understand the different types of windows and know what parts are needed for each. Consider the local weather conditions your windows will face over time in order to choose the right materials for a replacement.

3. Energy Inefficiency

One of the biggest benefits of a home’s windows is the energy efficiency it provides. Some DIY homeowners forget this important factor and install windows that create inefficiency in their use of energy.Those shopping by cost alone choose windows that don’t maximize energy efficiency and end up costing them more over time.The money you’ll save in energy costs is worth investing in high-quality windows. By overlooking the full benefits of your windows, you may be setting yourself up for poor insulation and an increase in spending.To make your windows as energy-efficient as possible, here are some things to consider

  1. The R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance. A high number is key.
  2. The U-value will provide an indication as to the rate of heat loss. 0.20-1.20 is ideal. Keep in mind that a lower number is actually better in this case.
  3. Choose window frames that are made out of fiberglass or vinyl, which are more durable over time than wood. Windows with low-e coatings are important because they control heat transfer.
  4. Choose windows that are certified by Energy Star. This will result in a 12 percent reduction on your utility bills and will reduce your home’s carbon footprint as well. For more information, click here.
  5. The Wrong Installation The benefits of replacement windows can only be had through a correct installation. In many cases, a faulty window is a result of damage or changes to the materials that support it. Any changes in the entire structure must be addressed when installing a new window. This ensures that your new window is correctly set to allow for proper sealing. Professional window experts know what to look for when assessing a faulty window. They look for any signs of damage or wear and determine the best solution for replacing it. These 4 common window replacement mistakes can cost you time and money. Understanding your home’s needs and the options available to you guarantees that you install new windows that function properly and provide more efficiency for your home.

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