5 Dreamy Window Styles for your Window Seat

April 4, 2019



5 Dreamy Window Styles - Clera Windows + Doors

What’s better than curling up in your reading nook with a good book?

Whether you’re designing a new home, or renovating your current home, the right window can add character and charm to your space and create a whimsical, pinterest-worthy space.

We’ve identified five window styles that will not only fill your home with light (and enable you to see actually the words written on pages) but create the perfect focal point above your window seat. The perfect window installation in Toronto can make all the difference!

Specialty Window

Create a gorgeous space by installing a completely unique and custom window.

We recommend personalizing the area above your window seat with an intriguing shape (triangle, cathedral, half moon, circle, ellipse, eyebrow, hexagon, octagon, oval) so that it can either stand alone or be dressed up with surrounding shelves and dramatic drapes.

When choosing a specialty shape, try to select something that will complement the period of your home. For example, if your home has English country features, try installing a cathedral style window. Not only should your windows be visually appealing, but they should be functional–you can always combine a specialty window with another window to ventilate your home.

Best Windows For Maximising Natural Light - Clera Windows + Doors

Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows are perceived as so dreamy that they’re often showcased in the sets of rom com movies. The windows’ grandeur stems from its depth and angles, the softness of the rounded half moon shape on top, and it’s large area space. As a result, these windows can fill any room with natural light and create a stunning centrepiece.

Typically, bay windows are three-panel windows that project out from the home’s interior wall surface, anywhere from 18 to 30’’. End units are often casement windows and act as not only contribute to the picturesque look, but open outwards and bring air in.

Bow windows are featured in the centre of the installment and don’t have the same angular appearance. Instead, bow windows are made to appear slightly curved and are typically built with up to 4 or 5 windows. It’s true that installing Bay and bow windows are more labour intensive, have more pieces, and typically cost a bit more than other window styles, but depending on whom you’re working with, many places offer financing options.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are perfect for small window seats in tight spaces.

Casement windows are often short in terms of width, but have tall lengths and can make a room appear to have higher ceilings. Casement windows are another fabulous options for families as they are the best in terms of ventilation, thanks to its design with a hinged sash that swings outwards (just like a door would). The crank handle makes it easy as 1-2-3 to operate, and doesn’t take away from the minimalist, clean look.

Another reason for this window being common among families that it features a number of security and locking devices, including a built-in “snubber” that keeps the hinge tight. If you’re an indecisive soul, this is the window for you as a casement window’s shape is timeless and can suit any style of home.

Double Hung Tilt Windows

Double Hung Tilt Windows are similar to Casement Windows in that they are not typically wide, but are long and tall window options.

This style of window is a popular choice for window installation in Toronto due to its easy-to-use functionality and “smart” features, including a tilt-in feature. Tilt-in features allow panels to tilt inwards, letting fresh air indoors and ultimately enabling you to easily clean the window without having to climb a ladder and wipe off dirt and dust externally!

The most popular area for double hung tilt windows to be installed within the home is in living rooms and bedrooms. One major advantage of this window style is that they’re space saving yet beautiful. You could easily create a window seat under double hung tilt windows to divide a living space into designated areas and consequently create the overall illusion of a large living room.

Low Profile Fixed Windows

There seems to be a widespread belief that window seats must ooze luxury and be “large and in charge”— we’re here to debunk that myth!

If grand windows are not in your taste, it doesn’t have to be that way. Low profile fixed windows strip away the bells and whistles, offer clean lines instead ( perfect for the minimalist) and can still make a big impact in your home. If you’re a parent to young children, we recommend looking into a low profile fixed window installation in Toronto.

These windows have the ability to be situated lower than the average window, and can be the perfect height for your mini-mes to take in outdoor views! They’re ideal for a breakfast nook in your kitchen, a play room, or a bedroom. If you don’t have built-ins within your space, you can easily make a custom unit under your window and use it for a seat/storage combo, or simply put a regular bench beneath it.

So far, we’ve shared our favorite window styles that would be picture-perfect above a comfy window seat. However, there are many functional features that you should look into so that your windows are not only beautiful, but efficient. These features include Energystar efficiency ratings (a big plus if you plan to resell in the near future, or even long-term), vinyl finishes that create a virtually maintenance-free window, improved noise reduction, and a pure virgin UPVC (providing protection from fading).

Clera Windows and Door offer both visually pleasing and functional products and we strongly believe that consumers should never have to choose between the two. If you’re interested in getting window installation in Toronto, we are a factory-to-homeowner company and will assist you in getting the stylish windows of your dreams! If you’re not happy with our work, no worries. We offer a lifetime warranty to our customers as a reflection of both our commitment to you, and our faith in the quality of our products. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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