Preparing your Home for Winter: 10 Must Do's

November 20, 2013



Preparing Your Home For Winter - Clera Windows + Doors

We all look forward to the holiday season. We love the family and friends, the big meals, decorating, and some of us even love the cold—but with that cold comes the harsh reality of increased heating bills and more energy consumption. Let this checklist below help you prepare your home from outside and in…because winter is coming!

  1. Do an exterior home inspection before the flakes fall and the flaws are hidden. You are looking for any items that must be put away and winterized along with faults in your foundation. A well-insulated shed will store most garden and power tools preventing them from damage of freezing. On your shed and home, check along seams and joints for cracks, discontinuous caulking, and damage around any opening such as windows, doors, or vents. Re-caulk cracks to prevent drafts.
  2. While on your outdoor walk, take plastic plug covers and close off any outlets you may have used in the warmer weather but do not require in the winter. This helps heat stay in and drafts out!
  3. Inspect weather stripping and window seals. Are these still attached and in good working order? Check and insure they remain flexible and that they have not cracked or become torn away. Look, listen, and feel for any outside air coming in.
  4. Inspect exterior doors. In the same fashion you would like your windows sealed, look for the weather-stripping around doorways. This is an easy DIY step to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Measuring the height of the door and installing the stripping from top to bottom, followed by a sweep piece on the bottom to close off the space between the floor and the door, the draft will be prevented and the house will stay warmer than without.
  5. Insure windows are in working order and provide protection from the elements. Vinyl frames are more durable, temperature transfer resistant, and offer great curb appeal compared to their aluminum counterparts. Multi-paned glass and even tints can help with warmth retention.
  6. Check efficacy of all heating sources. If you have a fire place, make sure vents are clean, clear, and chimney stack is looked after. Have your furnace serviced, filters checked, gas line inspected to make sure you are ready for when the temperature drops. Proper maintenance and inspection prevents surprises later on!
  7. Close shutters where and whenever possible to keep additional warmth in. To avoid eye sores or lack of light, you can do this with the back of the house rather than the front or whole of it.
  8. Hang thick window coverings such as drapes or heavy duty blinds for increased warmth and draft resistance around windows.
  9. Keep doors and vents closed in rooms you don’t access daily. This will help heat your home quicker and with more efficiency.
  10. Have a power failure plan in order. Have flashlights, candles, heavy duty blankets, and logs for the fireplace if you have got one. Keep some non-perishable goods and bottled water on hand in case the power is out and you are snowed in for a longer period of time.

Be safe, prepared, and enjoy the winter months! For all of your Window and Door needs, contact us today! 1-844-738-7362

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