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4 Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Guest Bathroom

The holiday season is fast approaching and it may just be your turn to host Thanksgiving this year. Family and friends will be visiting from out of town and as much as you’re looking forward to seeing everyone, you’re probably not looking forward to the preparation as much. The to-do list before this special occasion is probably growing by the second: Prune the bushes, change the sheets in the guest room, clear the junk in the living area, polish the china and silverware, deep clean the bathrooms, prep the kitchen, and more! It’s easy to overlook some of the more important details that you’re guests will be sure to notice.

Believe it or not, one of those crucial details is the guest bathroom! It’s absolutely true. Have you ever visited a friend’s bathroom and conjured up a few quick inevitable opinions after entering their guest bathroom? “oooh this is a nice bathroom”, “what a nice vanity”, “I love this towel rack”, “where’s the soap?…oh there it is.” There’s something about getting some privacy for that brief moment, stepping away from the conversation or the dinner table that allows time for thought.
When you think about the factors that can make your seasonal party a success, include “the best guest bathroom ever” on that list. It’s time to take your guest bathroom to the next level. After all, it’s not only the master ensuite that deserves all the glory. A well thought-out guest bathroom can be such a treat for your guests as well as the source of endless compliments.

Neutral for days

For this particular project, you want to appeal to the masses. That means your mother, your best friends, your mother-in-law, and everyone in between. With that being said, stick to neutral tones, you simply can’t go wrong in neutral territory. Aim for a monochromatic colour scheme with fresh white fabrics against eggshell accent pieces to provide the appearance of clean lines and spaciousness. The great thing about this colour palette is that it’s timeless and will be versatile through many different seasons and occasions.

Include luxe accessories

It may be the same ol’ bathroom you’re used to seeing everyday, but in essence, your guests are on a stay-cation in your home. So why not try to squeeze a stellar review from them by providing luxe accessories similar to what they would get in a hotel, but better! Provide your guests with enough fresh white towels, plush robes, and a cute wicker basket complete with organic soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and travel size toothpaste. It would certainly provide a very luxe yet, authentic homey experience for your guests.

Squeaky clean and bright

Nothing is less inviting than a dark and dingy bathroom. Again, aim for clean lines and bright walls and fixtures work well. Simple is often better in the bath—plain tan tiles on the floor, white beadboard wainscoting, and a white tin tile ceiling can instantly give this bathroom a vintage look with modern appeal. If the guest bathroom has a window, allow natural light to flow through the room by using minimal to no window treatments. For privacy, consider frosted windows.

Proper ventilation

Since bathrooms is an area of the home that experiences higher levels of humidity from running showers and baths, it would be highly beneficial to have a window that opens to allow humidity to escape. Windows are great in bathrooms because it allows you to rely less on using a fan. It’s a small way to save on energy, but it’s still one way! Ventilating the room for at least 15-20 minutes a day is important to reduce humidity and prevent long term damage to your home, including one of the major concerns of poor ventilation in any area and that is the growth of mould.

Awning windows are the best choice for bathroom windows because you can have them open anytime, even in the rain without the water leaking right into your home. The open from the bottom, outwards with the hinges secured at the top of the frame, blocking any rain water from being able to flow inside the window opening. When closed, these windows have a compression seal that creates an airtight seal and minimal heat loss.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom windows, contact Clera Windows and Doors for more information. Whenever you’re shopping for new replacement windows, there’s no harm in getting helpful advice from the professionals. Get connected with a specialist at Clera Windows and Doors and get the best practical advice on your door and window replacement project. As a family run company since 1978, you can be assured that we understand and appreciate the importance of any home renovation project to your family. We’re in the business of providing comfort and security for households across Canada, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the homes and families that have already entrusted us with such an important decision to improve their home’s functionality and security.

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