10 Ways to Dress Your Windows on a Budget

March 2, 2020


Interior Design

Dress Your Windows on a Budget - Clera Windows + Doors

One of the most effortless ways to redecorate your home is by exploring creative window treatment ideas. Since windows are excellently positioned as focal points and ushers in an abundance of natural light in the daytime, styling them will make a dramatic impact on the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your living space.

Starting a window dressing project of your own does not have to be costly. In this article, we’ll show you beautiful but budget-friendly ways on how you can update your home windows.

Let’s delve right in!

Window Dressing with Shower Curtains

Window Dressing With Shower Curtains - Clera Windows + Doors

Shower curtains as window treatments for the living room, you ask? Why not? If you wander into the bathroom section of your favourite home goods store, you will notice that shower curtains have some of the prettiest prints. From stylish neutrals, bold patterns, whimsical florals, refreshing leaf designs, they seem to have everything.

Choose from sheer or thick shower curtains, depending on where you are thinking of using them. They are also available in linen or cotton if you want to set the bar high. The options are endless! There’s also no sewing required. You get the beauty without breaking the bank, too, because shower curtains are much cheaper than curtains and other window dressing options.

Paint Window Frames

Paint Window Frames - Clera Windows + Doors

Imagine how a deep forest green or beachy blue hues can change the total vibe in your home. Painted window frames give a pretty pop of colour that can transform any room. This can be a quick and easy home makeover project that you can do yourself or with your family on the weekend. Make sure that the surface of your window frames or casements is correctly cleaned and prepped and that you have the appropriate painting material on hand to guarantee tasteful results.

DIY Wooden Valance

Diy Wooden Valance - Clera Windows + Doors

Pull off a subtle rustic cabin theme by creating a wooden valance for your windows. This window treatment project involves a few pieces of wood measured and cut according to your window size and securely put together with screws or nails. For a more polished effect, apply a few coatings of wood stain of your choice. A wooden valance window dressing is a brilliant way to frame stunning vistas of your backyard garden or the nearby woods.

Check out this DIY Wood Valance with Curtains.

Hang Tea Towels

Hang Tea Towels - Clera Windows + Doors

Hang colourful tea towels to brighten up your kitchen windows. Because of their cute size, they will make excellent cafe curtains. This window treatment idea can give you privacy and a dose of dainty but still allow some sunlight inside by keeping the top portion of your window uncovered. Here’s a nice inspo!

A Different Take on Tablecloths

Different Take On Tablecloths - Clera Windows + Doors

Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks after seeing a gorgeous tablecloth that you wished a window treatment with the same print exists? Newsflash! Tablecloths are charming and cost-effective window dressing options. The 72x61 size for long, rectangular six-seater tables is an excellent fit for your tall windows. You can conveniently put them up using curtain rings with clips. This is also a genius hack to keep with the theme during Christmas or Thanksgiving. Instead of buying expensive curtains, get tablecloths instead!

Check out Debbie Doo’s No-Sew Tablecloth Curtain for inspiration.

Glam Up Your Windows with Lace

Glam Up Your Windows With Lace - Clera Windows + Doors

Don’t you love how romantic those creamy lace curtains looked from the Victorian era? Add a bit of period glam to your views by making your lace-stretched window frames.

Since you are not going to wear it and it’s for decoration purposes only, it does not have to be exquisite lace for gowns. You are good to go with the most basic type of lace frequently sold for yards at an affordable price at most fabric stores. If you have old lace curtains or lace tablecloths getting old in your linen closet, that’s better! Take them out and put them to use by repurposing them for this project. An added boon of this lovely window treatment idea is that now mosquitos and other insects would be screened out and can’t get into your home. Here’s how to pull off this Lace Window treatment idea.

DIY Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades - Clera Windows + Doors

Roman shades are a delight to have. This type of window dressing not only offers shelter from the harsh afternoon sun but also provides an elegant touch to any room. There are several types of Roman shades to choose from for this DIY window treatment project. Take your pick from the following:

  • Relaxed Roman shade
  • London Roman shade
  • Balloon Roman shade
  • Tulip Roman shades
  • Pleated Roman shades

And the list goes on! This popular window dressing style definitely deserves a separate post. You can play around with your materials. You can use anything under the sun, from attractive fabrics, tea towels that are sewn together, or bamboo for that delightful tropical touch. There are lots of no-sew tutorials for this window treatment that you can DIY in under an hour.

Get this tutorial now.

DIY Wooden Shutters

Diy Wooden Shutters - Clera Windows + Doors

If you have a knack for carpentry, making your own wooden shutters would be a great first project. Typically, shutters can be bought at $200 to $300 a pair. But if you want to build this kind of window treatment yourself, there are a lot of tutorials online that only need a spending budget of $40. Decide whether you want indoor or exterior shutters. You also need to take your pick from a variety of wooden shutter styles. There are raised-panel, louvred, board and batton, and Bermuda.

The Perfect Partner for Your Stylish Window Treatments

Which window treatment idea are you most thrilled to try?

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