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How To Choose Window Treatments For Your Home

You probably never realized just how many choices for window treatments there were until the exact time you needed to choose them for your own home. Choosing window treatments is often a home design challenge whether you find yourself in need of a refreshing new style or you’re just getting started in a new home. It may even seem more like a major investment over your typical decor haul but let’s face it, if you neglect your windows in favour of a different design focal point, you may find yourself with a bare view.

What exactly does that mean? Well, when considering the lay of land for your home’s design, it should start with the windows. Your home’s windows will be the first feature that will greatly influence your interior design. Ask any homeowner what their top amenity in their home is, what they love most about their home, and what sold them on the idea that this home was meant to be theirs. You’ll find that most homeowners will tell you it was the location and the view. It’s reasonable to think that some people would opt for living in a smaller space if it offered a view that they simply couldn’t pass up. What you’ll want to do is choose window treatments that will accentuate this feature of your home and by doing so, it can actually help to reinvent your interiors in ways you couldn’t of predicted.

Let’s get started! Here are the top trends for window treatments today:


Organic woven bamboo or matchstick shades are trending right now. They are perfect for letting in diffused light where you can still see through to the outside however, they give you the privacy you need from the outside. Bamboo is a natural mood-enhancer and can bring in the warm, organic feel into your room. These types of shades would look beautiful in a bright room with cool neutral tones and lots of greenery, adding a natural touch to your decor.


Shades have always ranked highest as a way to personalize a windowscape. Primarily because shades are almost always custom-made to fit uniquely shaped and sized windows. With fabric shades, the range of designs and sizes available to you are endless not to mention a whole lot easier to customize thus, being a more affordable option. Consider custom-made fabric shades for tricky areas like windows seats, nooks, and banquette windows, you’d be pleasantly surprised how well they’d fit.


It’s okay to think of window treatments in the same way women apply their makeup. While it’s not a functional necessity, it’s often essential for bringing a room to its full stylistic potential. To create a dramatic effect, use full-length drapery with a bright bold colour or print that flow from the top of the room all the way down to the floor in a soft, yet prominent fashion. These type of window treatments will usually serve more as a visual effect rather than functionality and there’s nothing wrong with that after all, window treatments are all about accessorizing, right? You can install roller shades on these windows for when you do need privacy or need block out the glare from the sun. Position the curtains in a way that it just drapes over the each side of the blinds for a layered look.


Just like their name, they are striped and also known as traditional shades. The unique fabric offers a zebra like pattern with alternating strips of light filtering and sheer shades offering great amount of privacy, insulation, and UV protection. Remember those flimsy plastic blinds that wound up tangled, bent, or broken most of the time? Well, Zebra Shades are a very modern alternative to those types of horizontal blinds. They function with the same mechanism as roller blinds and are great because you can have them raised or aligned with fabric vanes.

In smaller homes with large windows like condos, blinds are important for managing solar heat. It will also help to maintain the interior focus within this smaller space. With larger windows on a high-rise, the focus tends to be drawn more towards the outside view of perhaps the cityscape which is great however, when you want to bring in the attention inside the room, then zebra blinds have been the optimal choice in this scenario.


Opt out of traditional curtains and shades and create your own alternative window treatment that truly displays your personality and create edge. There are just three main things to consider: 1) It will provide some degree of privacy 2) It’s ability to shade from the sun and 3) That it compliments the existing decor of the room.

As much as we all may realize how much window treatments can really shed some light on your space, it’s not always a cheap design project. If you’re in need of window treatments but it doesn’t quite fit the budget at the moment, you can actually create your own to save money and customize your window coverings if you’re feeling crafty and up to a fun new challenge. This blog on Better Homes & Gardens will give you DIY ideas for curtains and shades that is super easy with a no-sew technique!

The best artwork you can have on your walls is nature itself. With that being said, use the window wall as the main focal point in the room and position everything else to frame this area. It’s these simple tips and tricks that can instantly elevate your house into a modern, sleek, and truly livable home for your family and your guests. Your windows are there to let in the natural light and air which is a source of healthy living, open your home to this and connect your home to the view of the outdoors which will surely create a more spacious and thriving environment.