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How to Install Window Air Conditioner Units

Window air conditioning units are a total lifesaver when temperatures become unbearable during summertime. Over the years, it has become a non-negotiable must-have appliance in every household.

In this blog, we give a brief overview of how window air conditioner installation works, which type of window is suited for air conditioner installation, plus a few do’s and don’ts if you’re planning to wing it and do it yourself.

Let’s get right to it!

Benefits of Window Air Conditioning Units

Window air conditioning units are still a popular choice among homeowners despite the emergence of the more modern split-type air conditioners.

  • They’re less expensive.
  • They are equally energy efficient.
  • Window air conditioner installation is quicker and easier.
  • They are compact and ideal for small houses with minimal wall space. They are applicable in sublet apartments, studio-type flats, college dormitories, and small offices.
  • They are a perfect fit for supplemental cooling, which is a cost-effective alternative to centralized air conditioning.
  • They’re versatile appliances as some window type AC also has a heating feature.
  • They can be packed away for storage when wintertime starts.

Windows Suited for Air Conditioner Installation

Not all windows are ideal candidates to house air conditioners.
Originally, window-type air conditioning units are specially designed to fit into double-hung windows, which have a fixed upper pane and a bottom pane that opens. They cannot fit swing-out casement windows or sliding windows with panes that move sideways. If your existing windows are not compatible for this purpose, maybe it’s time to get new replacement windows for your home.

On the other hand, in rooms where windows have no opening mechanism, the air conditioning units are mounted on the walls. This is strongly discouraged and not advisable to do if you are renting because you have to bore an opening into the wall, which can be against your leasing contract with your landlord.

Where to Install Window Air Conditioning Units

There are several essential factors to consider when deciding where to install your window type air conditioner. Here are some examples.

  • Pick a window that’s nearest to the electrical outlet. Do not attempt to use an extension cord to make it work. Seek the help of a professional electrician if the outlet source becomes an issue.
  • There should be no clutter or any obstructions near the window air conditioning unit both inside and outside, as it can affect its cooling performance.

Other critical points to think about include ceiling height, the number of doors and windows, the amount of sunlight the room gets, and the user traffic. Typically, bedrooms should be prioritized since you spend most of your time here, and low temperature makes bedtime more comfortable.

 Home with a window-type air conditioning unit

Window Air Conditioner Installation

Follow these expert tips when installing air conditioning units in your double-hung windows.

  1. Ask a friend or a housemate to help you install it. Despite their portable quality, window type ACs can still be heavy for a single person to lift. The worst-case scenario would be dropping it from your apartment building’s window and endangering an innocent passerby’s life. You can also injure your fingers or damage your window frames if you accidentally drop your air conditioner because of its weight.
  2. Lift the lower sash of the window. Take the measurements of the width and the height of the opening. When you’re out shopping for window air conditioning units, compare the dimension of the unit against the measurements of the opening to make sure that it will fit. Don’t forget to include the tilt of the unit when taking measurements.
  3. Buy a proper metal bracket to support the weight of your air conditioner. Avoid using makeshift braces that can damage your unit or put other people in danger. Some units come with installation kit braces. Make sure it is securely attached before you install your window air conditioning unit. It will make the installation process easier for you since you’ll minimize the unit’s risk of falling.
  1. Read your user manual to know more about the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the appropriate guidelines for window air conditioner installation.
  2. Lift the sash of your window where you plan to install your air conditioner. Position it on the center of the window sill.
  3. Never install your air conditioner in an egress window, which is a fire escape and should always be clear of any obstruction. Doing so would violate fire safety code and put you and your family in a compromising situation in case of an emergency.
  4. Protect your window frames with weatherstripping adhesive foam tapes to prevent it from getting into direct contact with your window air conditioning unit. It’s going to stop the AC from scratching or warping the surface of your window frame.
  5. Do this regardless if your window frame is made out of wood, vinyl, or plastic. An extra benefit from this proactive step is that you make sure that there’s no gap where cold air from the inside can escape. It’s also an effective strategy to keep insects out.
  6. Plug and turn the power on to check if the air conditioner is running smoothly.

Can You Install Window Air Conditioning Unit By Yourself?

Installing a window air conditioner without professional help is possible. The majority of commercial air conditioning units currently available in the market are now made to be user-friendly every step of the way. As mentioned, it’s best to have the L-shaped brackets installed in advance for a hassle-free installation.

Windows By Clera

Clera Windows + Doors offers stylish windows suited for air conditioner installation. We have double-hung windows and other custom-made designs for replacement windows. For more details and to request a free home estimate, please contact us today!

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