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Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Install Your Own Windows

Installing your own windows is very likely going to end in disaster.  Or, at the very least, it will end in substandard windows on your house.  Here are some reasons why installing your own windows isn’t a good idea:

You Don’t Get the Benefit of Advanced Window Technology

Take it from us: installing windows is a high-tech art.  The best windows are custom-fitted and vacuum sealed.  But we’re the best of the best.  Our windows and frames are all fusion-welded in place.  This ensures the maximum possible energy retention.  A properly installed Clera window is better insulated than most house walls.

However, even the slightest mistake in the installation will ruin a window’s energy efficiency.  Any slight opening in the seal will allow hot air into or out of your house.  Our professionals can do the job perfectly, every time.  We also stay informed about the newest products and techniques, so we can always deliver the best possible window installations for your home.

Your Windows are Not Custom-Fitted to Your Home

When you install your own windows, you will probably end up buying pre-made window packages that are not perfectly suited to your needs.

But when we do your installations, things are different.  We produce and fit windows for every imaginable window size and shape.  We’ve seen it all: tall windows, short windows, hard-to-reach windows, windows that open inwards, windows that open outwards, etc.  You might say we are window gurus.  So, whatever your window needs, we can find a window package that works for you.

It is Difficult to Properly Weather Seal a Window

It is possible to properly seal a window, if you have a lot of experience caulking.  However, it is challenging.  Most people have to redo a window the first few times they try to replace it if they want a perfect seal.  But at Clera, we have over 38 years of experience making seals that last.  We are so confident in our installation abilities that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all products.

You Need to Consult a Professional Anyways

If you are adding new windows, expanding your windows, or altering the structure of your walls in any way, you need to first talk to a professional anyways.  A contractor or structural engineer will be able to tell you whether it is possible to make any changes to your walls without compromising your house’s structural integrity.  Since you’re calling and paying a professional to come approve your work, you might as well pay the extra money and get that professional to do the work for you.

Your Time is Worth a Lot

Installing windows takes a lot of time.  This is doubly true if it’s your first attempted installation.  The install could take hours of your time.  However, our professionals can do it faster and cheaper.

You Can Trust Clera to Do It

We have over thirty years of experience installing windows.  We give your our word, and a lifetime guarantee, that we will do the job right.  Save yourself the time and stress and give us a call.  We offer free, no-obligation quotes.  We are confident you’ll find that we offer the best service for the lowest price of all window installers.



  • Avatar for Rajan Dehlal Rajan Dehlal says:

    I have going back and forth about this. My home is in dire need of new windows. Everything is original and there are terrible drafts throughout my house. I don’t know how many more high heating bills I can stand. I could save some money doing the job myself, but I would rather pay a professional to do everything at once. The last thing I need is to run into a bad install.

  • Avatar for Craig Craig says:

    I think the best point being made here is the one about the time it takes to do this kind of a job. A lot of people I know think installing new windows is something anyone can do. Trust me; this is not a job for the inexperienced. Save yourself the time and money and pay someone who knows what their doing.

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