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Button Up Your Home This Winter With Replacement Windows and Doors

Canadian winters can be so unpredictable and unforgiving even in areas like Southern Ontario with more moderate climates. As the summer comes to a close with Autumn just around the corner, it becomes the ideal time to button up our homes for winter. Ideally, you don’t want to wait until the first frost to winterize your home as the cold weather could pose certain challenges that could easily be avoided by getting through the process of winterizing your home during comfortable weather conditions, like on a warm Fall afternoon.


Although we’ve seen pretty bizarre weather conditions during odd times of year, like a snowstorm in April or warm days in December, winter in Canada is between the months of November to March. To begin the process of winterizing your home, you would start with inspecting any vulnerabilities to cold drafts through your windows and doors. On average, Canadians spend an average of $1800 and upward on their natural gas bill to heat their home through the winter months. A drafty window or door is practically like letting your money fly out of your window. The best way to save on your energy bills is to invest in high quality energy-efficient windows that provide optimal performance against extreme weather conditions.

High quality replacement windows from Clera Windows and Doors are built with Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the SuperSpacer® platform, Clera’s replacement windows are designed with extreme durability, sleekness, and energy-efficiency in mind. In terms of safety and security, Clera’s double or single hung tilt replacement windows are made with steel, not plastic, locks and keepers for enhanced security. Since Clera Windows and Doors is a Canadian based business, we understand the volatility of Canadian climates. Our tilt windows come standard with argon gas fill between the two panes of glass, and Energy Advantage Hard Coat Low Emissivity glass, the glass type best suited to Canadian climates.


The front entryway door is your home’s first layer of protection against cold winter climates as well as securing your home from unwanted intruders. If you have a cracked, disfigured, non-functional door, it can just be a battle to keep your home warm this winter. Not to mention seeing your energy bill soaring through the ceiling. If there’s ever a good time to move forward with the important decision to invest in a replacement door for you home, now would be the time.

If you’re still on the fence, ask yourself this:

When was the last time your front door was replaced?

Is your front door still functioning well or is becoming difficult to open, close, and lock with ease?

Can you feel a draft of air through the cracks of the door?

If you’ve never had your door replaced, you’re struggling to use the door for to perform basic functions, and you can feel cold air fill the front foyer, it’s certainly time to take the next steps in replacing it.

Clera Windows and Doors fiberglass door systems are distinguished yet durable, made to withstand the most unforgiving climates, dents, and dings. If you’re in the market for a replacement door and are considering the features and benefits of different materials such as steel or wood, then look no further. Fibreglass is an excellent substitution for the traditional steel or wood replacement door. The most standout quality about fibreglass doors is the fact that they present the same and sometimes even greater amount of aesthetic appeal as wood or steel doors however, they come with their own set of advantage above other types of doors. Firstly, fibreglass doors are are tough and extremely durable meaning, they are highly resistant to inclement weather conditions and offer the highest level of protection against dents, scratches, cracks, and warping in shape.

Benefits of choosing Clera’s replacement fibreglass door:
– Energy-efficient
– Environmentally friendly
– Will not warp, crack, or peel over time
– Little to no maintenance required
– Non-susceptible to moisture
– The immediate benefits surpass that initial investment cost
– Built to last many years


If you have a front door that still performing great and you’re looking for an added layer of protection, adding a storm door may be the perfect solution for you.

Storm doors have a number of benefits, particularly when it comes to added home security, functionality, and energy-efficiency. Aside from providing your home with added protection against nature’s elements and unwanted intruders, a storm door can provide you great versatility when greater ventilation is needed in the home, to provide a better view of the outdoors while your children play outside, or to simply add an extra layer of privacy to your front door when needed. Clera’s storm doors not only add value to your home, but an additional layer of security for your family.

You can still enjoy the benefits of a storm door even if you’re concerned about the storm door obstructing the view of your beautiful decorative front door. A full view storm door design features energy-efficient tempered glass, durable enough to withstand inclement weather conditions and break-ins while providing your home a sleek and modern design. The full view design also comes standard with a high-quality locking mechanism so you can screen unexpected visitors without opening up your home entirely.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s windows and doors in time for winter, contact Clera Windows and Doors for more information. Whenever you’re shopping for new replacement windows, there’s no harm in getting helpful advice from the professionals. Get connected with a specialist at Clera Windows and Doors and get the best practical advice on your door and window replacement project. As a family run company since 1978, you can be assured that we understand and appreciate the importance of any home renovation project to your family. We’re in the business of providing comfort and security for households across Canada, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the homes and families that have already entrusted us with such an important decision to improve their home’s functionality and security.