2020 Home Decor Trend Guide

February 17, 2020


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2020 Home Decor Trend Guide - Clera Windows + Doors

What’s hot and what’s not for 2020 home decor trends, you ask? Well, that depends on who and what you are reading. But no worries, we got you covered. We saved you the trouble by doing the research online and we’ve come up with the most promising ones we couldn’t recommend highly enough and are excited to try ourselves! Here’s a list of our favourite 2020 home decor trends.

Let’s dig right in!

Sustainability Becomes a Priority

Sustainability Becomes A Priority - Clera Windows + Doors

With an increasing number of people becoming more enlightened and empowered with their ethical responsibility to contribute every way possible in saving, restoring, and preserving what left of the environment, experts are optimistic that there will be an ever-stronger push for sustainability in 2020 home decor trends.

As a matter of fact, a 2019 study by Asian Pulp Paper (APP) revealed that a significant number of Canadians value sustainability and are willing to shell out more money in order to buy eco-friendlier alternatives. While this specific survey was done with fast food, it is all too similar to the meaningful shift that is seen happening wherever a person’s purchasing power is involved.

Like how there’s a massive movement to collectively shun fast-fashion pieces made by unethical companies that not only heavily use environmentally toxic materials and chemical processes but also exploit underpaid workers in Third World countries, more and more consumers are also veering away from cheap mass-produced pieces for their home and instead find bliss in hunting for heirloom pieces in flea markets or invest in excellently crafted artisanal furniture that is guaranteed to last them a lifetime.

Clera Windows+Doors are made of premium-quality materials that go through our lofty standards of craftsmanship. They are built to last and require less replacement compared to its contemporaries in the market. They are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, which is always kinder to the environment. In our 40-plus years in the industry, we have witnessed countless vinyl windows and doors that we install in many family homes passed on from generation to generation.

A Year of Classic Blue

A Year Of Classic Blue - Clera Windows + Doors

In the advent of the new year, the much-anticipated Pantone 2020 Color of the Year was unveiled: Classic Blue, which they describe as both captivating and calming shade of azure.Fortunately, this pop of colour is stunningly versatile and can be easily incorporated into any design. Below are some ideas that you can explore.

  • Paint old cupboards, cabinets, and vanity the colour of the sea for a luxurious feel
  • Decorate with blue throw pillows, blankets, vases, and rugs in different shades and patterns

"Whether a kitchen island gets a quick upgrade or a room gets a dramatic new look with contrasting white trim and woodwork, the shade provides a stately look without going completely black," shares Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer and the founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

Dark Painted Doors

Forget about accent walls. This year calls for braver and bolder interior and exterior doors painted in deep, dark hues. When adorned with gorgeous hardware, maybe in gold or brass, dark-painted doors make a powerful statement and introduce a different personality to your home, one that you have never seen before despite having lived there all your life. It’s a creative and cost-effective strategy for updating apartments or period homes where you have rather limited options.

Here are some sensible tips to pull off this 2020 home decor trend in style.

  • Before giving your interior doors a fresh lick of paint, conceptualize as to what theme or vibe you are trying to create. This will make everything turn out chic and cohesive instead of experimental.
  • Use the dark colours sparingly, keeping it mostly to accents only
  • Black painted doors would go best with white interiors and light-coloured hardwood floors.

Clera Windows+Doors boasts of a wide collection of beautiful entrance and patio doors that can stay with you as trends come and go each year. Most of our door designs also come in various colour configuration options. Select a classic or contemporary door style that best matches your home’s personality.

Minimalist Interior Continues

Depending on the source, there’s a debate going on about whether this trend is in or out this year. But who are we kidding? With its unspoken code of finding beauty and bliss in the most basic things, the magic of minimalist interiors is definitely here to stay. Inspired by Scandinavian design, it is perhaps one of the safest choices in a long list of 2020 home decor trends that anyone, even the most unartistic individual, can try with utmost success.

"I think minimalism and functionality go hand in hand. A minimalist-designed space incorporates an open floor plan, lots of light, and simple line furnishings that are well-built and comfortable. All these create a soothing and inviting space that has a timeless aesthetic,” interior designer, Sharon Blaustein, tells Elle Decor.

Dedicated to form and focus, achieving a clean minimalist interior involve the curation of simple understated styles. Here’s a checklist of some staple elements that you can start with.

  • Pristine white walls
  • Clutter-free spaces
  • Plenty of natural light
  • Neutral colour pallet
  • Blonde wood

This 2020 home decor trend is an absolute must-try in Canada. As it hails from Nordic countries, where winter can be arduously long, minimalism punctuates its aesthetic charm by creating a cozy and warm ambiance with scented candles, plush pillows and blankets, and even faux fireplaces. Applicable window treatment trends for minimalist interiors include lightweight drapes and structured shades. While stylish and streamlined white vinyl window frames would, without a doubt, fit fabulously, black vinyl window frames are perfect for tastefully creating a statement or drama in an otherwise all-white interior.

Never Go Out of Style with Clera

Are you inspired to spruce up your home after reading these 2020 home decor trends?We believe that window treatment trends come and go but our signature collection of high-quality windows and doors will never go out of style.

Make Clera Windows + Doors a part of your upcoming design projects. We are one of Canada’s largest, oldest, most dependable, and reputable vinyl window manufacturers in Ontario. We can take care of everything for you, from manufacturing, installation, and after-sales services.

To schedule a free consultation, feel free to contact us today!

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