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When to Retrofit Your Windows and When to Tear Them out?

So a professional comes by and tells you that your windows need replacing. You are alright with this until they tell you exactly how much it’s going to cost. After the initial shock you might be thinking ‘well, does my son really need to go to college?’ or ‘do I really need to retire?’ These questions can be avoided by determining whether or not you need to replace your windows entirely, or just have them retrofitted.

Going Retro

New technology is compelling. When someone tells you that this new technology will save you thousands of dollars, your ears perk up even if you don’t believe it. Millions of people around the country are spending billions of dollars on new windows that promise to keep out the cold, or old-new windows or ridiculous energy bills. The truth is, retrofitting your windows can save you just as much energy, and you won’t have to don a paper hat and apron to ensure that your son/daughter gets a higher education.

If you are a DIY guru and don’t have a vacation’s worth of money to throw at your windows, retrofitting might be your best option. There are a few considerations if you’re going to use either method.

  • How do the windows define the look of my home?
  • Is this going to increase or decrease the value of my home?
  • Are these going to last as long as my original windows?
  • Are there other more cost-effective means of window replacement?
  • Does my window professional honestly know what their doing?

Take note that if a retrofit is done improperly, you will be left with windows that were just as ineffective as the ones you replaced.

Going New

Brand new windows have their benefits as well. You might want to completely redesign the windows that you have and completely replacing them will let you do this. You are going to pay a little more, but if you have the cash, it can go a long way.

If the major concern is energy, both options can provide you with the savings that you want. Maybe your windows are highly magnetized to baseballs and rocks, and if this is the case, retrofitting might not work for you.

Window-men Sell Windows

The best way to know if you are in need of retrofitting or replacement, a professional will be able to assess your home and give you a quote. Get multiple quotes from different companies. A window professional will tell you that you need new ones, and someone in the field of retrofitting – well, you get the idea.

Get yourself informed before taking any action. There are many ways you can reduce the amount of energy consumption in your home before you resort to these options. And if neither option still seems viable to you, you can always plaster up all your windows and get the best energy savings you’ve ever had in your life.

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