How to Choose New Cottage Windows: A Complete Guide

June 17, 2021



Cottage Windows Guide - Clera Windows + Doors

Cottage-style houses have a whimsy, almost fairytale-like quality to them. Often set in quiet neighbourhoods with spectacular views, they should have cottage windows highlighting all the beautiful things you love about living in this kind of home.Whether you’re in the process of building or updating your cottage-style property with new replacement windows, this one’s for you. In this detailed guide to cottage windows, we’ll talk about the following:

  • Key Considerations for Choosing New Cottage Windows
  • The Best Replacement Windows for Cottage-Style Houses
  • How to Choose Glass and Frame Materials for Your Cottage Windows

Let’s get started!

How To Choose New Cottage Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Key Considerations for Choosing New Cottage Windows

While there are several options to choose from, there are also many factors to consider when shopping for replacement windows. Each cottage window style brings a different set of pros and cons to the table in terms of aesthetics and other practical lifestyle aspects. Here are some examples.

  • The ease of cleaning
  • The amount of natural light you want to bring into your home
  • Natural air circulation and ventilation
  • How to maximize and beautifully frame gorgeous outdoor views
  • Whether or not you can keep the window open during light rain
  • Whether or not you’d like to have a window box or patio furniture in front of your cottage windows

The Best Replacement Windows for Cottage-Style Houses

Fortunately, there are different types of windows for your every need that you can customize to suit your personal preferences. Check out our favourite styles of cottage windows.

1. Single/Double-Hung Tilt Cottage Windows

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is there a window traditionally known as a cottage window?” Yes, it’s the double-hung window, a type of house window with two movable sashes. Another version of this is the single hung window where only the bottom sash slides upwards, and the top sash remains fixed. Double-hung windows have a charming, country look and are the best choice for keeping with your cottage’s classic aesthetic. Another advantage of having single or double-hung windows is that they do not have panels that open outwardly, making the space in front of them usable and ideal for rooms overlooking a walkway, porch or sunroom.

Single/Double-Hung Tilt Cottage Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

2. Single/Double Slider Cottage Windows

Slider windows are like hung windows but with a horizontal configuration and with sashes that slide horizontally to open. They come in two variants: single slider and double-slider. Like hung windows, slider windows also do not open outward, making them a good fit for homeowners who want to use the space in front of it for al fresco dining or entertaining.

3. Casement Cottage Windows

Casement windows have a sash that is hinged on the side and opens horizontally, much like a door. Because this type of cottage windows can be fully opened, they provide optimal air circulation and ventilation, making it an excellent choice for replacement windows if you live near nature. Imagine smelling the fresh scent of forest trees or the cool sea breeze inside your home, thanks to your cottage windows.

Bay And Bow Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

4. Awning-Style Cottage Windows

Awning windows have a sash that is hinged at the top and opens outwardly from the bottom of the window. The main advantage of awning windows is that aside from enjoying added ventilation, it can also be left open when it’s raining without getting the room wet because the panel deflects the water. Awning windows are also a great choice for replacement windows for rooms with sloping walls, like the attic, because of their unique angular shape.

Awning-style Cottage Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

5. End Vent Slider Cottage Windows

End vent slider windows have two side sashes (panels) that can slide towards the middle fixed center. The main benefit of this type of cottage windows is the cross-ventilation, thanks to the moving side sashes while also providing unobstructed views. Moreover, the end vent slider window is another smart space-saving replacement window because it does not need front space to operate and open. It’s a perfect fit for homeowners who want to increase natural light into their home and glass area to admire picturesque outdoor views.

End Vent Slider Cottage Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

6. Bay and Bow Windows

Also known as projection windows, bay windows and bow windows are composed of multiple panels that form a structure that protrudes from the exterior wall. Bay windows typically have three openings that open on either side and create a trapezoidal shape. On the other hand, bow windows have four or five separate windows that open individually and form a gentle curve. When used as cottage windows, they provide extra indoor space perfect for a cozy window seat, and they let in plenty of natural light due to their generous size. From the outside, bay and bow windows lend a luxurious look to any dwelling, including cottages!

Bay And Bow Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

7. Fixed Windows

Otherwise known as picture windows, this type of replacement window does not have an operating or opening mechanism. They are fantastic for letting in sunlight and showcasing breathtaking views outside your cottage. The beauty of fixed windows is that they can be easily customized into oversized cottage windows and can into specialty shape windows. These replacement windows are very versatile! If you’re thinking of using them as cottage windows, consider these ideas:

  • Do you want your cottage to stand out? Round windows work best as an eye-catching architectural accent.
  • Looking to increase sources of natural light in a room that already has windows? Add a transom window above an exterior window or sidelight windows on either side of your front door.
  • Want to have more natural light for a cottage with a high roof? Install fixed windows as an impressive gable-end window and watch your loft or attic space glow in the morning.
 Fixed Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

How to Choose Glass and Frame Material for Your Cottage Windows

Ensure maximum performance of your cottage windows by selecting only premium-quality materials and professional window installation companies. Here are some things to consider.

Go for Low-E Glass (And Tweak For Added Privacy)

Cottage windows with low-E glass help block out UV rays, which can cause skin damage and fade furniture and fabric. It’s an energy-efficient window that helps maintain optimal temperatures inside the house, lessening your heating or cooling use and reducing your energy costs as a result. For more privacy, you can ask your provider for tinted, glazed, or obscured low-E glass cottage windows, which conceals the inside of your home without affecting the amount of sunlight that gets through. The only downside is that this can interfere with the view. To get the best of both worlds, cottage owners can opt to frost only portions of the glass while leaving some parts clear. For example, if you want to have large fixed cottage windows in your bathroom, you can frost the bottom part up to a person’s height for privacy, then leave the rest of the glass clear so you can still see the canopy of trees up high.

Get Vinyl Replacement Windows

Traditionally, wood is a beautiful and preferred material for cottage windows. However, vinyl replacement windows have more benefits to offer.

  • Energy efficiency - Quality vinyl cottage windows provide insulation in the window’s frame, making it the best material to add to the energy-saving properties of low-E glass. They also have the added advantage of low maintenance because they don’t need repainting, scraping, or frequent replacement due to warping.
  • Durable and low-maintenance - As long as they are cleaned regularly, vinyl cottage windows can stay looking brand new like how they were the day you had them installed. Replacement windows made of vinyl are also highly durable, with the potential to last 20 to 30 years or more.
  • The look and feel of wood - If you are torn between the convenience of vinyl and the beauty of wood, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? The latest vinyl windows can be designed to resemble the aesthetic appeal of wood. They come in a wide array of colours, and you can opt for ones in neutral or rich earthy tones to suit the warm and cozy cottage vibes. Got a specific colour palette in mind? No problem. You can also paint your replacement vinyl windows.

Premium Replacement Cottage Windows + Professional Window Installation

Clera Windows + Doors is one of Canada’s trusted providers of fenestration products for commercial and residential clients. We have an extensive range of stylish and high-quality replacement windows that’ll bring out the beauty of your cottage home.We take care of everything, from designing, manufacturing, and window installation, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We can give you high-quality replacement windows at reasonable rates. Enjoy our hassle-free service with our Window Wise certified installation team.Ready to shop for stunning cottage windows? Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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